hi and welcome to hey natalie jean!

hey natalie jean is a lifestyle blog run by me, natalie holbrook: happiness curator, lover of anne of green gables, hopeless optimist and prodigious over-exaggerator. i live in a tiny apartment in new york city with my husband brandon and son henry august (we call him huck). hey natalie jean is a love letter from me to my family, and from our family to the city. i write about life and babies and fashion and homemaking and shopping and diet coke and other terribly deep things that all together create a beautiful life.

i watch an awful lot of meg ryan movies.

i'm currently writing a book on babies, nesting, style, and the importance of wearing false lashes. you can buy it in the spring of 2015.

for sponsorship inquiries you can contact me at

and now, here are some frequently asked questions...

//why were you called nat the fat rat, and why did you change it?

nat the fat rat is the nickname i was given by my uncle james when i was a couple months old. i was a very, very chubby baby. it is not my favorite nickname. in fact, i kind of hate it. i don't like it when people call me nat at all. (so, don't call me nat.) when i started the blog it was the only name that came to me, so there it was. i recently decided to change the name of the blog to hey natalie jean, because it was time. it was really the time to put that ugly nickname to rest. (i still really love my uncle james.)

//is your baby's name really huck?

my baby's name is henry august. i do call him huck. especially when he is behaving particularly huckishly. sometimes i call him huckleberry. brandon calls him henny, or henny penny. sometimes i call him bug. or bubba. when he cries and i try to soothe him i call him hen. i have a problem sticking to nicknames.

// where did you get that baseball tee/those wedges/your watch etc etc etc ??? 

since i end up fielding these questions A LOT, i started a little page on the blog with a list of links to the more popular items. you can find it HERE.

//what made you start this blog? why do you keep blogging?

it turns out i answered this question quite by accident way back in 2008 in this post here. and then i answered this question more on purpose style just this year in this guest post here.

//what does brandon do?

brandon is a tax attorney. he does transfer pricing in the international tax group of a big four accounting firm here in the city.

//why do you call him "the holbs?"

holbs is short for holbrook, which is our last name. i started using it on the blog back when nobody referred to their spouse by their real name. it was an old nickname of ours from when we were dating and first married. these days it's here and there on the blog, because i am too lazy to stick with anything for too long.

//what camera do you use?

i have a canon eos digital rebel xsi, but i'd love a real heavy duty mark 2. hah, in my dreams. i also use the instagram and vsco cam apps on my iphone. if i ever do any editing it's just the basic stuff in iPhoto. it's probably safe to say my editing skills could use some work!

//are you accepting sponsors? how about doing product reviews or giveaways?

i am accepting sponsors, thanks for asking! contact me at heynataliejean{at}gmail{dot}com for rates and information. if you are a sponsor and your product is a good fit for my readers, i would be honored to host a giveaway. at this time i am not doing sponsored posts written by third parties.

//what should we do while we're in new york city?

there is so much to do in the city! i wrote about my favorite touristy things to do right here. i also have an entire section of the blog dedicated to the fun things we do around the city, in case it inspires your vacation planning.

//are you wearing a calculator watch? - jennifer

dude yes! i have two casio models and i wear them constantly. i bought my first casio when i was working at an engineering firm as a graphic designer and all these fantastic nerds were wearing theirs like it was no big deal and i was just so jealous. i bought a second for the holbs, the full calculator style, and i like to steal it from him when he's not looking. all the cool kids wear calculator watches, you know.

//what exactly is this supposed to be about??? you start off strong, and then suddenly you'll drift off into nonsensical words and end with baby pictures! -anonymous

i know, right?

//is that a flag above your couch? -charlotte

hi charlotte! it is! it's a nautical flag, we found it at the brooklyn flea market when we first moved back to the city. it's called "charlie" (all nautical flags have proper names, isn't that delightful?) and it is the flag you would fly to communicate "change of course" or "affirmative." we had to have it because by moving to nyc again we were basically saying "affirmative!" to a huge "change of course." we love our flag because it symbolizes positivity, openness, and courage.

//what is the horror of the zebra head mounted above the crib? - chuck

his name is larry, chuck. short for lawrence of arabia. he came from anthropologie as a gift from my mother, and he is rad, chuck. r-a-d. (he now lives in the kitchen!)

// do you have a job?

i do have a job. i am a full-time mom, a job which i take very seriously (sadly, some people don't consider it an actual job), and on the side i do freelance writing and brand partnerships. since i was sixteen i have never been without employment, and i supported our family and paid all the bills while my husband attended five years of grad school. i sure do love getting this question.

// a quick note about email

one of the most rewarding things about blogging has been emails from readers. i am so honored to receive them. i want more than anything in the world to be able to respond to every single one of them. you all deserve the most thoughtful, personal response a girl could muster, but that has gotten harder and harder to do as the blog has grown, and though it makes me feel awful, i can't always respond. i have very little time to spare on the computer in the day, but i want you to know that your emails are treasures. if you've emailed me and it's been months and you haven't heard back, please know that i did read it, and that it did mean the whole world to me. i do hope you understand.

if you have a quick question, the best way to reach me is through twitter.

//and now, a disclaimer

friends. this blog is a place for fun. any time i go on and on about silly ridiculous things, you can rest assured that i am in on the joke. because i write this blog to preserve the lovely little things in life, i will delete any negative, hurtful, or outlandishly mean-spirited comments.

have any questions?
ask away!