Those Ears!

I love this weird little puppy.



It is March in Brooklyn, and it is 70 degrees out today. 70 degrees! I decided this kind of weather called for sushi. but the delivery guys don't take credit cards and I was plum outta cash. I almost never have cash, I don't know what that's about. So there I was, sitting on the floor of my apartment, wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, cashless, and so I decided to get up and go to the ATM. (Isn't this getting exciting?)

I beeped in my pin and got my monies and so high on the temperate climate was I that I decided to walk the six blocks to the sushi place rather than call for take out. While I waited for my order to be ready I regaled the sweet Japanese waitresses with my tale of perilous ATM transactions and surprisingly balmy weather and also my new blister.

That monkey roll was HEAVEN.


August Rush

Robin Williams and Felicity are right now, this-very-minute, filming a movie called August Rush down the street.

There's a huge old trailer blocking our view of the neighborhood Chipotle, wires and equipment everywhere, and random tables of snacks. Making a movie is so swanky.

We've taken Peter Pan on far more walks than is necessary lately, just in case they happen to need a good looking dog and his average looking owners as extras.

Sadly, no big breaks yet.