It starts like this. The other day, I got a flu shot. Afterward, while walking through the kleenex aisle, I suddenly had the goofiest, happiest feeling.

My shoulder was a little sore, was it that? And I was wearing one of my favorite gray sweatshirts. I was drinking a pumpkin spice latte, which I hadn't done in about forever because first of all they are gross and a cloyingly sweet, but also because they have been way basic lately and I do like to follow trends, although now apparently they are acceptable in public spaces again, according to Twitter. So there. The kleenex aisle is a surprisingly innovative little section to be in, now that I mention it. Have you seen all these newfangled dispensers?? I even had a tuna fish sandwich looming in my future for lunch. The whole thing rather delighted me, and I thought to myself, oh, life, aren't you just the cutest? and that of course made me think of the movie Overboard.

(Have you seen enough Overboard* recently? Lordy, it is one of my favorites.)

(*No, not the new one. I am sorry I cannot do the new one.)

I think the best things in the world might include a well-designed character wardrobe, and I suspect Goldie Hawn's wardrobe in Overboard is one of the all-time best. So we're going to start her off here with a series I'm going call,

STYLE ICON! // (Insert Character Name Here)

You seeing it??

(Seriously, pause your life now and watch this movie if you haven't already, because we're going to go through this one outfit by outfit, featuring Annie (Joanna?) Proffitt (Uhh, Stayton) *so problematic, these movies* and her perfection of a Coastal Oregon Wardrobe, Obviously All Second Hand From The Salvation Army.)

Forget Octobers, how great is it to live in a world where the Overboard costuming department exists??

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I think I'm finally ready to roll out my "fully committed dad gum it to blogging" already, all the way. Maybe. No, this time I mean it! ;) I think I had to fully rule out all my other options and choices, heyo Libras, but now I think I'm ready. No, now I know I'm ready! Full on! Editorial calendar and all! I'm going to focus on a series of... series, to start. Dipping the toes in lightly. So, chime in if you have a suggestion, 'cause I'm taking requests! Of both oldies and new...ies.

I was going to have a style post all raring to go, but I'd forgotten how long it takes to put them together, so here is a Friday post instead. All the things I've loved this week, to take you on into the weekend.


// The New Yorker is really pulling it off this week with the insect content. This one, When Bees Go Rogue, about bees, and this one, What Termites Can Teach Us, which has alerted me to the tragic under representation our termite population endures. #TermitesToo! (Did you know the New Yorker already has a section for these, titled "Annals of Etymology" ??)

// Dave Matthews Band, and Poopgate.  So good.

// If you don't buy this pajama set right now then I am going to have to, and I am not doing things like that right now, so please.

// Lately, before bed, Huck and I like to catch up on posts from The Dodo, this Instagram account that spotlights various animal rescues and heartwarming stories and super adorable pets. As a bonus, I've noticed the closed captioning has helped Huck learn to read more quickly and intuitively. Plus it helps him be a better and more patient steward to his many (way too many) pets. Two thumbs. Up. #snoutchallenge

// It's coming on Libra season, sweet moonbeams. Are you ready?? First, we have a New Moon in Aries on September 24th. This is our Harvest moon, kiddies, so set your early autumn intentions this week and then watch them as they come to fruition over the course of this moon cycle. 

// While you're at it, do read It's Decorative Gourd Season Motherf*ckers, as is tradition. 

// Maybe even better than that one though, is this one: Mr Autumn Man Walking Down Street With Cup Of Coffee, Wearing Sweater Over Plaid Collared Shirt. No joking, the last sentence will make you cackle.

// SPEAKING OF DECORATIVE GOURDS! It's that time. So here is theee pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe! (THEEEEEE Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!) It's right here. RIGHT HERE. Since you were about to ask for it. ;)

*By the way. It tickles me to no end that I've already getting tagged in a handful of #THEEEPCCC posts on Instagram. Please do that some more!! (I don't know, acronym-hashtag? Is that too much?)* 

// Finally, speaking of pumpkin recipes! My Pumpkin Sage Pasta is still a yearly favorite at this house. Tastes like fall in New York City. 


Ok kids, there we go. Now be good and do your homework, wash your hands, and get your flu shot! Oh it is so flu season rn.