The Holbs Night

The other night Alex and I decided to have a Brandon night. 

The Inspiration:

(Pardon the blurry photos. Actually I think they add a little something "extra.")

So, first we had to channel the 1995-era Holbs.

I have the hands-in-pocket/bent-leg posed nailed; Alex goes for more of a "disaffected youth" look. Also, Alex, learn to hold a camera steady, yeesh.

Then we made spaghetti and rice krispy treats. Does The Holbs particularly love rice krispy treats? No, but I do. So. 


sometimes i dye my hair way too dark




Take a look at this ridiculous picture of Alex I took the other night.

My baby sister is here to live with us for a few months while she's between semesters at BYU-I, and the other day we went to the dollar store because there wasn't anything better to do. We wound up having a very deep and serious discussion about candy.

In other news: I just watched Benny & Joon for the first time. What if I were to say that it is probably the most fantastic movie on the planet Earth? What if I were to say that I really get the Johnny Depp thing after seeing it? Like, I GET IT. JOHNNY DEPP!

Also today I almost fell off the world's tallest ladder. I was hanging cargo shorts at the time. Tell me if you can think of a sadder way to die than while hanging cargo shorts.


Things Which Make Me Glad To Be Alive

We saw this preview while waiting for Confessions of a Shopaholic to begin, and I'm not gonna lie, I was actually crying by the end of it. 

The song used in this preview is called HoppĂ­polla and it is by an Icelandic band called Sigur Ros. I bought this album (Takk) in 2005 while we were living in New York City and this CD has come to define New York for me. Any time I put it on, I am there instantly. I had a really amazing moment on the 5-year anniversary of 9-11 with this CD. Now I play this album when I am doing yoga. I used to synch this one song up to my commute home from Merrill Lynch. We lived just three stops from Wall Street in Manhattan, and if I hit play the minute I got on the train, and the train didn't make me get off at Bowling Green to transfer to a Number 4, then I would get off the train at my stop in Brooklyn just in time for the best part of the song, and it never failed to make my heart beat hard. Some of my best New York memories are of walking home in time to this song.

Wait for the big crescendo, (at 3:00) and then imagine yourself someplace you really love. Then tell me you aren't glad to be alive, too.


February 2016

seven years!


New York Natalie

New York Natalie was here today. She came to visit this morning. I said hello and how have you been and what have you been up to? She is just as grouchy as I remember her and even more impatient.

New York Natalie comes to visit from time to time. Today I was glad to see her. I needed some of her chutzpah. Today New York Natalie managed to drive to work in five minutes when it usually takes ten, she scowled while folding a denim wall, and then she got very impatient while on line for a roast beef sandwich at Subway.

New York Natalie laughed at the irony when I took two Midol along with my daily prenatal vitamin, because New York Natalie doesn't show weaknes, and when I wanted to whimper, she stood up straighter and dared it to hurt worse. She could take it. Even if I couldn't.

New York Natalie didn't say anything mean about the five extra pounds on Moscow Natalie, because New York Natalie is a classy broad. She asked to watch Labyrinth and the DVD extras from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and who am I to argue? I reminded New York Natalie that Moscow Natalie doesn't watch R-rated movies anymore, and then New York Natalie pointed out how unhealthy it is to compartmentalize oneself, so I shut up.

Then New York Natalie left. It was good to spend time with her while she was here. But now that she is gone I can say it: she is exhausting.


Alex and I look barely nothing alike, considering. 
But since Alex got here people keep asking us if we're twins. 
It is so confusing. 
Sometimes we say yes. Just to be whatever.
I have seven years on the woman.
But I will probably look like I'm 12 until I'm dead.