Alex and I look barely nothing alike, considering. 
But since Alex got here people keep asking us if we're twins. 
It is so confusing. 
Sometimes we say yes. Just to be whatever.
I have seven years on the woman.
But I will probably look like I'm 12 until I'm dead.


  1. hy-ster-i-cal
    especially the part about the Holbs grabbing your mom's butt. i almost peed myself..and I needed that today so thanks!

  2. We have an Alexandra in our family too! My three sisters and I also get mistaken for twins all the time. I usually get mistaken for any one of my sisters. The youngest one is 10 years younger than I am and she is usually mistaken for the oldest. We are also about 6 inches different in height, so when people think that we are twins, it is really funny. My sisters, mom, and I also talk at the same time and finish each other's sentences. A lot of times, people who watch us all conversing say that we talk in stereo. It's just all on top of each other's words. I have gone into stores in different cities than my sisters and someone will know one of them and mistake me for them or at least know that I belong to that same family. My mom was even in another state and this guy ran up to her and was like, "You are Alex's mom! We went to college together and as soon as I saw you, I knew that you belonged to her." How funny is that? Anyway, loved this post, as always.

  3. i leave this post feeling kind of bad for holbs...because he is out numbered. wait. let's count peter pan and barnaby, majority restored.

    i feel alex's pain man. being the youngest is trauma on the psyche. i'm still recovering.

  4. I saw your mom ans sister in Target a few weeks ago, and when Alex said hi I SWEAR I heard your voice instead! You guys totally seem like twins--you have the same coloring and mannerisms and that sickingly gorgeous Lovin THING that us Moore girls are entirely without. I'm a twin myself--so I know what I'm talking about! But then, I don't think Katie and I look much alike, so what do I know?

    Oh, my gosh--I'm still screaming with laughter inside over Brandon grabbing your mom's butt. Karl's still asleep, but as soon as he wakes up I'm totally telling him! I know already what his reaction will be--he'll shudder in a "Thank God that wasn't ME!" sort of way, because once long ago when we were both in much better shape and before we were engaged, Karl came to visit and was just stepping out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist when I found my mom in the hallway, doing...well, not doing anything, really. Just loitering. She gave what he says was a very unconvincing start and said, "Oh, hi Karl! Sorry! I was just...vacuuming." This might have been forgotten had she NOT come up to me and whispered, "Tee hee--Karl looks nice with his shirt off!" After we were married, Karl caught my mom vacuuming outside the bathroom door yet another time, but she claims it was totally inadvertant (and totally a legitimate vacuuming session). Uh, huh.

    OKay--to wrap up this novel of a post, do you know what's WORSE than being mistaken for the younger sibling? Mom, Katie, and I took a three-week-old Camryn to her office to show her off, and while we were there SEVERAL people asked which one of us was the lucky mommy. Let's just say that Katie was NOT pleased to be mistaken for a recently pregnant person!!! (Though she herself claims that when we were born, it was the only time in her life thst she's weighed less than me. So, yeah.)

  5. You are both gorgeous!! I love reading your have a wonderful sense of humor.

  6. Hopefully the HOTNESS is in the blood. If my girlies turn out half as smokin' as you three I'll be happy. xoxox


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