More For The Universe

Dear Universe:
Please, let me have one of these:

The one on the left, please.
 (Good Heavens, no more puppies!)


A Few Things

I had a wonderful weekend. Here are some things that I did.

Friday night I fulfilled my quota
of "good wife" by allowing my husband to drag me out to remote corners of the earth to do this thing which he calls "camping." As you can imagine I was filled with anxiety and fear of certain death.

On the drive out I learned there would be a dutch oven cook off. And so it was that there in the XTerra in the middle of nowhere, hurtling toward our inevitable doom, I voiced my secret wish to the Universe.

Dear Universe, I want to judge the dutch oven cook off!

And wouldn't you know? The cook-off organizer was my visiting teach-ee, and she gladly enlisted me in her cause.

 I tasted three molten chocolate cakes, a stew, some poblano pork something or another, and a delightful mix of potato, cheese, and lil' smokies, and also I burned my tongue. Be careful what you wish for, is I suppose the lesson I learned.

And then I kayaked. I might just be the greatest kayaker ever in the land!

After we returned to civilization and I had sufficiently washed the dead spiders out of my hair, we behaved like friendly people and had a meal with friends.

On Sunday I made it to church on time. Afterward I may or may not have napped in the hammock.

And then BriAnne Huber did something terrible. She lent me her copy of Twilight with breathless anticipation that I would love it.

 And then I did something really, really stupid. I read it.

When BriAnne asked me what I thought of it, I thoughtfully and maturely held back (I am her YW leader, after all).

"I do not like how swoony she is. You should never allow yourself to be so swoony over a boy. But Edward sounds totally hot."

Edward is, like, the hottest guy I've never seen.

I told my sister Alexandra. She was elated. I told her The Holbs didn't exactly think it was great. She reminded me he that was old, and that he also didn't like High School Musical. 

She had a point there.


By Way Of Explanation

I have just finished cleaning up the archives of a blog I used to keep while I lived in New York City. I moved them all to this here pretty website. I blogged back then because I had so many stories to tell and not enough phone-minutes in which to tell them.

And then, oh, I don't know, I just fell out of love with blogging. And I moved to Idaho, where exciting things don't really happen. And then I got a real job, suffered through Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (but true), and it is for the best that no record was kept. Trust me.

And then a few things happened all rather quickly:

1. I discovered a blog (a blog!) of all things, and somehow it helped me feel less alone, and more in control of my own happiness; 2. My creative skins became all itchy again and needed a really good scratching; and 3. I decided to make exciting things happen for me, instead of just waiting around for something good.

Blogging is great because, if done right, you can create a world for yourself where all of the small but wonderful moments are magnified and kept and shared, and where people who've never met can inspire and encourage each other to be better.

So, after a bit of housekeeping, I am ready to go. I am itchy to record the funny little things in life that make me oh so happy, and all of the things I'm doing.

Mostly, I am ready to create my life. This is a small but important step for me - I am about to make my life a little bit better.

Are you with me!?