...and a happy new year

this was my gift to my dad this year.
a hand-painted portrait by the yours truly of his very own montague shannon macduff the second.

and this here is peter pan.

the first.


With A Lot Of Plastic Surgery And Steroids

So The Holbs and I have decided that we are basically the hotter versions of these people.

I know, right??


Merry Christmas To You From Us And The Dogs



NOT Hawaii

people keep emailing me and asking me

are you in hawaii yet?

how is hawaii?

ur in hawaii? omg i'm so jealous!

guys, we are NOT in hawaii

these people are in hawaii

these people are not

these people? yes

these people? no

and no and no

this is what hawaii looks like

does this look like hawaii to you?

okay, then



aside from a life-endangering five minute trip down boones ferry road yesterday, we hadn't really left the house in four days. things were starting to get a little cabin fevery in the lovin house.

i thought moscow was bad at snow management. it turns out portland is worse.

we roped on the chains (the lovin/holbrook men are now pros), piled in the car (blake in the very back), and we slid and bumped and plowed our way through town to 1. the post office, 2. michael's for craft supplies, and 3. the mall.

while at 2. michael's for craft supplies, waiting in the car for the parents to finish inside, inspiration struck. and so, hamburgers:

can you believe i took a million stupid photos inside a wendy's?
yes you can?

the proper way to eat a frosty:

and then it's all gone

except for here, where it will live on forever

then comes the burger high

the burger euphoria

mom didn't have a burger. she had a salad. no dressing. she's not having a burger high.
likely she is having burger regret.

see, this is a burger high.

and then we braved the mall.

that is a whoooole other story.

five minutes after we got home, the freeways closed.

both directions.

we're just glad we made it back alive.

we think maybe we're good for another couple of days.

which is good, we're supposed to get four more inches of snow tonight.

bring it on, portland.


We Were Going To Fly To Hawaii Today, And Then This Happened

and what happens in a driveway full of snow? 

this happens in a driveway full of snow.

this is where i faked him out like i was going in for a little kiss.


when you are snowed in there is nothing better than a really good paint by number.
and diet pepsi.
lots of diet pepsis.

and long snowy walks with the family
(and monty, perfectly camouflaged)

later that night we even lost power!

so my dear deranged sister put on a little candlelit performance for us. 

obviously, our flight to hawaii was cancelled
looks like we'll be having a white christmas after all.

good thing i have my red head with me.
merry christmas, lover!