NOT Hawaii

people keep emailing me and asking me

are you in hawaii yet?

how is hawaii?

ur in hawaii? omg i'm so jealous!

guys, we are NOT in hawaii

these people are in hawaii

these people are not

these people? yes

these people? no

and no and no

this is what hawaii looks like

does this look like hawaii to you?

okay, then


  1. Lol, awesome post! :)

    So how cold were you in those pictures? :P

  2. At least you could still rock the bikini. For me NOT going to Hawaii would have only one perk...no swimsuit pix. Sorry your trip got cancelled. You can come with me and my family in February. I love your blog even though I'm just a stalker. Think you are funny and sassy and a great writer.

  3. LOL! You guys totally crack me up! I wish Todd was such a good sport. No way I'd get him to pose in the snow in his trunks! Then again, there's no way you could get me to pose in a bikini, period! Sure miss you guys!

  4. Oh my goodness, you're hilarious! And hello, you look amazing in your suit. Merry Christmas from another sorta stalker! :)

  5. you skinny, tan little ho ho ho bag.

    i would hate you but it's christmas.

    happy happy from me to you! Here's to snow!

  6. What the freak?? You go to get AWAY from the snow and end up in it? Merry Chistmas anyway you HOT little thang!

  7. Talk about a WHITE Christmas *coughBRANDONcough*


  8. You look hot in a bikini though!

  9. how'd you get such a great body?!

  10. Bahahahahahaa - most awesome post EVER!

  11. This is the best post. Ever.

  12. Did you ever make it to Hawaii????


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