frequently i'll get questions about what i'm wearing in a post or instagram, and i hate when i can't get back to everybody right away with answers. so i've curated this space for you, filled with all my favorite things and most recent finds. you can shop right from here! i'll keep this space updated with links to the most commonly requested pieces i wear, as well as answers to other questions i get on the regular. (like, whether you should order your salt waters up or down) (the answer is down!) 

your favorites, according to emails and tweets:
my saltwaters (size down if you're in-between sizes)
my kork-ease ava sandals
my kork-ease hailey sandals
huck's rad thief and bandit pants
huck's baseball tees
huck's moccasins
my hot hot pink lipstick
my fiery red lipstick
my blue-red lipstick
my powdery pink lipstick
the hand strap on my dslr
my pink overalls are from asos (it appears they're sold out, but i've seen them restocked twice now)
my pleated blush skirt

my make up routine HERE
my skin care routine HERE
curious about fake eye lashes? HERE
bang braid tutorial: HERE

(feel free to request additions to this shop!)