it's been a whirlwind weekend indeed, sir! 

we packed all our belongings , u-hauled them across the way, then unpacked like crazy until we collapsed in an exhausted pile at the end of the night. 24 hours of packing and unpacking, and my lips are SO CHAPPED.

as soon as our last box was emptied and put away, it started to snow.

at one point during the afternoon the cable guy was setting up the internet while the a/c guys were testing the a/c units, while the super was explaining the washer/dryer to me, while brandon and the maintenance guys from our old building moved everything in, and i momentarily froze wondering, "where is my baby?!?" but then i remembered he was in the kitchen, napping in his stroller.

and then i laughed--my kitchen is now a thing you can go into! with a stroller! 

on friday night we trudged back up the eight blocks to sweep one last time, hand over the keys, and say our last goodbyes.

it was kind of bittersweet i tell you what.

with the place all empty like that, it looked just like it did the day i found it.

i was hugely pregnant, exhausted from running all over the city in the humid august heat, and i had looked at so many awful places that this tiny place seemed like a regal palace.
clean. quaint. and cute as the day is long.
and TINY. but perfect. 

so much life happened in that tiny apartment on central park west.
we brought our brand new baby home there.
i felt a little sad to leave it behind.

so i touched all the walls and looked out all the windows one last time.
i said goodbye to the sloping hardwoods that used to make brandon dizzy,
and to the miniature oven that wouldn't even accommodate a cookie sheet,
and to the sunlit bedroom, and to the mary poppins rooftop views.

i said goodbye to huck's little bedroom, now just a sad, empty closet,
and then last of all i said goodbye to that delicious, minty green bathroom.
oh i'm going to miss that minty green bathroom.

and then, softly, we shut the door behind us, and made our way home.



as i type, brandon is lovingly tossing our shizz into boxes, the huckster is sleeping off his epic birthday party from this morning with his baby friends, and i am formulating a complex packing and unpacking strategy that i just know will prove to be entirely pointless. 

we found out on quite last minute that we could finally move in, but we were so ready to go that it hardly seems an inconvenience. we'll be packing and moving and unpacking for a couple of days. in the meantime, here are a few photos from huck's birthday costume party.

huck went as charlie brown, and i went as his mother.

(thanks again janelle for letting us use your pad so last minute!)

and just for fun, here's a suuuuuper high quality video of huck's super rad peg leg crawl. it is awesome.


this is what our lives looked like on the day young master holbrook turned one.

happy birthday, henry!
you have made every day sunny and beautiful.



oh sweet henry, thank you for the very best year of my life.



we just found out today that we can move into our new place this friday. this friday!

in celebration, i have decided to resurrect from the deep and utterly forgotten the poorly neglected nat nests, since i am about to actually have a nest worthy of fluffing.

in case that doesn't make you as happy as it does me, maybe this photo of my husband's inner ten-year-old's wildest dreams coming true will?

p.s. today on our walk we passed an ad for conan's new show. huck pointed at it delightedly and said, "daddy!"


a boy grows up via photobooth.