howdy do, and here we have the lovin sisters dragging all of the holbrook boys out to the museum of modern art for an afternoon of culture and poop (so much poop at the museum of modern art). brandon had the day off for good behavior, and isn't that nice? and also we had chipotle for dinner. 

aren't blogs funny? when you stop and think about it?

and there it is.



i think i must have forgotten a lot how much i need my sisters around. or my parents, or my baby brother, even. i just need somebody with that funny weird mix of lovin in them to remind me how all the parts inside of me are supposed to work, and why i am how i am, and why exactly that can be so great in its own silly way, if that makes sense. having alex here has reminded me to take a lot of stuff less seriously, and to take a lot of other stuff more seriously. 

we've run plum outta new things to do together but alex rescheduled her flight home so we have one more week! 

here's what you've missed 
(let's be honest you haven't missed any of it you're barely suffering through it but let's pretend just for fun).

(thank you belle for this shot!)



as i type up this sure-to-be-fantastic blog post we are watching you've got mail. i say that having to stream you've got mail on amazon instant video because your copy skips too much (your second copy in five years mind you) . . . this is a sign that you are doing things right.

so obviously before i could get around to writing this masterpiece i needed to order myself a new-new copy of you've got mail, because digitally streaming your you've got mail is something that i feel frank "i needed a back up" navasky would definitely frown upon, and as we have previously discussed, i am a frank. i also ordered a copy of overboard because come on now. and now we are ready to begin. 

cleansing breath.

so today we ran all over the place. we went to kestè in the village for lunch, i had a meeting in the flat iron with my editor, we went to the doughnut plant and decided that the creme brulée doughnut is the ONLY doughnut worth ordering, and then we wandered around chelsea market for a bit.

right and so now we are watching you've got mail. 

up first, kesté.

and now, ivy.
ivy and BIKES!
and this. alex and i debated over whether this was an art installation or just a real tired dude. i'm not sure where would one even find a reclining lawn chair in the city, so my money's on art installation. 

not on the syllabus but worth noting: on my way to my meeting this afternoon i found two pristine-condition NASA temporary tattoos lying on the street. the luck! and also here is my pretty sister alex wearing my sweater because it was 65 degrees out and HEAVENLY. now i love summer as much as the next girl but sweaters . . .  you know i'm always ready for you, sweaters. 
chelsea market for a hot minute (it always smells bananas good in the chelsea market, even if you're still recovering from creme brulée doughnuts).
and my sweet heart baby sleeping off his blueberry doughnut sugar crash.

all in all. a very good day. 



this is my baby sister alex. alex is here in new york city to drink of my sodas and partake of my sofa and wander the streets with me and go on grand adventures with me.

we have, like, a zillion things we want to do together. luckily huck is a stellar stroller pirate. the three of us have navigated a good portion of the island of manhattan already, including a bit of brooklyn. ahoy!

i apologize in advance for there's gonna be way too many posts to come from this week. i apologize too for the extravagant duck lips but it just happens with sisters, is all.

amanda poopsie we've missed you! i keep wanting to tell you things or turn to you and roll my eyes at you discreetly when alex is being particularly alex-y but you're always not here! come on. i mean, enjoy that newborn baby though hashtag not jealous at all.


today we went to the shake shack.

we shared a giant dressing room at the madewell, compared boob sizes, and talked each other into and out of unnecessary purchases.

then we hit the union square greenmarket and playground.

on the subway ride home huck wanted me to bop him softly in the face with his stuffed beluga  over and over while he giggled uncontrollably, for like, five whole stops. sure, kid! happy to oblige?

i love my sister. i love having her here. i love watching huck love up his auntie alex, and i love it when huck just really wants his mom and goes to alex thinking it's me and upon realizing it's not me gets that terribly offended look on his face, because that look is really funny, and also because stupidly it reminds me that i'm still needed around here, in that terribly stupid way, if you know what i mean.