dear guapo, 

what do you get for the man who has everything? how about, for your birthday, a series of photos of my offspring looking like the spitting image of good old randall g.

good then.

henry wishes to say happy birthday to you in person. 
(his vocabulary is still fairly limited)

it's good to be a mini-randy! (i would know.) 
happy birthday, old man!




the other day it was hot. real hot.

it was the first day in a lot of days that i didn't have a meeting to attend, or articles due, or laundry to fold, and it was hot. the park was a no-go. seriously it was like 95 degrees outside, that's no exaggeration (who, me?).

so this is what you do when it is the hottest day of the year outside 
and you haven't got much else going on.

step one (1): crank the a/c up super high 
 snuggle up to watch some robin hood.

step two (2): go to the american museum of natural history where it's air conditioned
see the dinosaurs on the fourth floor

step three (3): spend all your mr. softee money on museum admissions 
(and a highly unsatisfactory bag of museum trail mix) 
and instead demolish the extra long twizzlers you bought at the fao schwarz
when you get home.

good job! i think i've earned myself another diet coke. huzzah!



let's put on some mickey mouse clubhouse and have a little nibble on this guy. 
there, that helps.



behind the scenes of our skip hop photo shoot (and a cute baby in a giant box)
a question about baby teefs
summer travel tips,
about my kid's fascination with his tongue,
and a 20% off discount to babble readers at onassis clothing. 

have a great weekend!



for weeks i've been searching craigslist and peeking in every thrift store for the perfect little dresser to fit in huck's teeny little closet bedroom. and then yesterday i found this little beauty on the curb on garbage day, perched ever so daintily on an overstuffed black hefty sack:

after a thorough inspection to make sure she wasn't covered in bed bugs/soaked in urine, i brought her home to live with us. i sort of love her. i think she's sweet.

one time on garbage day, brandon found this little art deco hutch on the corner and raced me down the stairs to look at it. as we debated it, three other couples walked by giving us "i want it if you don't" eyes. garbage day can be a highly stressful day. you gotta act fast.

huck's little closet bedroom is starting to come together!

i'm not going to lie, the first time i saw a kid sleeping in a closet in nyc i thought it was ridiculous. i swore i'd never do it. of course, she was sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
it wasn't a bedroom so much as a cave.

huck's closet is not so bad. i'd sleep in there! it's nice and
q u i e t.

my pictures need frames, they're sagging.

this is huck on our bed. just because.

not everything the city streets has to offer is so wonderful. 
take a look at mr. cucaracha. 
i found him down the block the other night.

he made clicking noises as he walked. click-click-click-click-click. 

art prints c/o a vintage poster
mobile c/o the little tiny
bedding, tapestry, and bunting from urban outfitters
penguin classic children's books from anthropologie
rad taxi booties c/o molly elmer
crib is the alma bloom mini and yes, we love it and yes, it's super tiny



i am so honored to be a part of the sakura bloom styleathon!
below is my first submission:

all of my life i have looked forward to being a mom. i think the growing and nurturing of children is an esteemed calling, and it is something i take pride in having the opportunity to do.

when you have a baby you obviously have less time for yourself, but it hasn't been nearly as dire as many make it out to be. one thing motherhood has made me appreciate are the subtle details. little things, like a well-fitted shirt, or just the right color against your eyes, or a beautiful watch that makes you feel fancy, or high quality fabrics that take an outfit beyond "the only clean thing on hand" into "hey, i feel really good about myself today. now let's go change some diapers."

all photos taken in central park by kaitlyn ray of two if by sea photography.

i am wearing:
t-shirt maxi dress and bracelet from forever 21
sling from sakura bloom in tesoro
belt and sandals from j.crew
bag in journal titan from marla cielo
watch from kenneth cole
huck from heaven

huck is wearing:
onesie from carters