is nothing like the real disneyland.


  1. Yikes! From this angle, that poor princess in the back looks like she could be in a lot of pain. :-)

  2. AnonymousJune 16, 2011

    is it at least the closest thing in times square?

  3. are you sure? i think it looks just like it.

  4. I know! It's so sad, isn't it? We were REALLY disappointed. And then last month they closed the bottom floor to do renovations, and we were really excited because we thought they were gonna make it cooler, but they didn't. :( For a place that is supposed to be so magical and fun and creative, they really fall short.

    We've gone back three or four times constantly thinking we're missing something, that it's better than we think it is, but it's really not. :(

  5. Unless you jump on one of the clothes racks and start riding around like it's Space Mountain.
    But then again the employees would not be happy and of course at Disneyland the Staff NEVER get upset. How could they? They get to live at the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

  6. AnonymousJune 16, 2011

    When he gets old enough to crawl through the mini-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & girly enough to stare in awe into the Magic Mirror as it shows Rapunzel (thankfully for you, that'll never happen, but it was fun to watch Miss A do that), & if you ever go to any events there like the "Cars 2" one we went to a couple weeks ago where they taught them Karate & they all got to wear darling Karate Kid headbands, THEN it'll feel more like Disneyland. Minus the lines, heat, & overpriced churros. (P.S. If you feel like going for one of the aforementioned events, we'll be there Saturday at 10:30! Miss A will be more than happy to show Huck the glowy buttons on the Clubhouse. P.P.S. I hope Brandon's loving employment!)

  7. AnonymousJune 16, 2011

    Umm, did you run into "Minnie Mouse" there? Sure hope not, hahaha!

    Very cute photo!

    x Lexi

  8. Good point, "Misc. From Missy"-- which is why it looks like the princess is ready to jump...

    Could Huck be any cuter?!?! Darling.

  9. will just have to come stay with us and see disney land!

    dogs. I hear you. I think you are making the right choice, if only you could have your big apartment and country backyard for them. :) its still heartbreaking.
    We got libby, cause we thought we were close to settling down- and now we are moving to the city, small backyard and doggie bags for me. :( the things we do for these silly little creatures.

  10. Why is it New York makes Germany sound really old and dull?

    My SIL had a baby at Gritman Hospital this week and I thought of you.

  11. Yes, but it is much MUCH cheaper. And no hour long lines!

    (Disneyland is still my most favorite place in the world though)

    Freckles in April

  12. This was, quite possibly, the most anticlimactic thing I've read today.

  13. still a neat place...


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