hooray for dads!

today, after our church meetings were over and i had given my talk, we went out on a sunday drive along the hudson river (we "drove" the stroller), because that is what the holbsdad requested.

while we walked i talked to my dad on the phone (but first i chatted with my mom for twenty minutes while he finished up some "business" in the "office"). i just love my dad. he taught me the best stuff: where the short cut from fantasyland to frontierland is at disneyland, how to make a mean tuna sandwich, how not to get confused at the i-15 interchange in pocatello, and above all, that "four-wheel-drive may help you drive, but it won't help you stop."

can't tell you the number of times that one has come in handy, dad.

we walked past the boats at the dock ("say hellooooo new jersey!"), and near the end of our walk, we happened on a large group of people having a community salsa dance. it is amazing the number of free things there are to do in the city on the weekends.

(part of being a nursing mama means your bra is showing constantly. i can't figure it out.)

i have a lot of great dads in my life. my dad, who is the most lovely old softie (and whose nose i am proud to sport), and brandon too. he honors his priesthood, he works hard, he loves on his fat baby like a pro, and he always supports his wife. what a dream boat.

happy father's day!

the baby and his mama


  1. amen about the bra showing all the time! I'm a second time mom and still haven't got it all settled down. Though a mirror in the mothers' room would help!!!

  2. agreed about the bra! cannot figure out how to keep it hidden... canNOT!

  3. oh gosh, that picture of your dad looks so much like blake! it's like he stepped back in time, weird! sweet post.

  4. This is a very cute post. I especially enjoyed your last little bit about your hubs loving your fat baby like a pro.

    Cute cute cute!

  5. I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it!


  6. Nat, I'm searching for the perfect white v-neck t-shirt. Please tell me where you get yours!

  7. "part of being a nursing mama means your bra is showing constantly" lol so true ! I can't tell you how many beautiful pictures with my baby girl are ruined because of this! ( and it's not like nursing bras are very sexy , no lace here!)

  8. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    big collective SIGH! great post.

  9. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    Yours is my favorite blog (ever? yes, ever), but I've never commented. Now I must if only to tell you that I simply cannot get over how ridiculously cute your baby is. Seriously, it should be illegal to be in possession of such concentrated cuteness.

  10. ! You and your salsa-dancing partner were the best looking couple out there! :)

    Honestly, I was a little disappointed that the "free salsa" you bumped into was not the edible kind, until I saw you and your Hen dancing. And then I was like, "This is maybe even better than the (condiment?) other kind."

  11. My son is 11 now and I'm still having trouble with the bra after nursing.

  12. You are so right about the bras. I have just ditched mine now I am down to just one feed before bedtime and I just couldn't take the lace exposure ANY LONGER!! Happy Father's Day!

  13. Hello New Jersey! I love the You've Got Mail references in your posts!

  14. Happy Father's Day, Brandon! :-)


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