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I Want You To Know That It's Okay To LEAVE

I can't believe I'm doing this right now, but also I couldn't rest until I did this, so I guess this is what I'm doing right now! So hi! Hey! Here I am! Hey, kittens!!!

Oh my gosh, I've missed you!

This is my TL:DR: I want you to know that I'm here.

I'm here specifically because of recent news that came out about our church (lol "our church"), the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" as they call themselves these days (please call them MORMONS still because that's both more fun AND more accurate), and because I don't want anyone to feel like they're going through this alone, or that their only options for going through this with others involves them going to places they're not ready for nor comfortable with.

I'm here to make this OUR space. A safe, marshmallow space in which to talk about things (use the comments!) I know you're there, so let's make this ours. Yeah?

I'm here because of the girls from my Beehive classes of 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

I'm here because of both my baby sisters, who I'm SO proud of, who both left the church on their own terms, as truthfully and boldly and brashly as they could have. I am in awe of both of them. ❤️

I'm also here because of the readers who emailed me way back in the day when I was blogging. I'm here because of one reader in particular, who emailed me to say she'd stopped cutting herself after finding my dumb blog because she suddenly felt less alone. I wanted her to know then and I want her to know now, wherever she is, that she changed my entire life, and that I am here entirely, fully, 100% because of her.  

I'm here because I pulled my family out of the church once I realized that if Huck were a girl, I would never, ever, under any circumstances, allow him to graduate from Nursery into Primary. 

I'm here because once I realized that, I upended my life to honor gender equality as best I could, and I left the church well behind me, and I am SO GLAD that I did.

I'm here because THIS SUCKS.

I'm here because I know that leaving is scary.

I'm here because leaving was THE BEST THING I EVER DID, and because I'm so excited for all of you to experience it.

I"m here because no one should have to leave alone, so I am here to leave with you.

I'm here because if you decide to stay, I'm here to love you and support you just the same.

In the comments, if you feel comfortable, please share how you are feeling. 
(I will kick the shit out of any of you who show up with antagonism FYI)




Hey hi hey! What is up party people!?

I wrote a thing for Cosmo, I'm so excited it's finally live & I can share it with you. They made this outrageously amazing artwork for me to accompany it. Could you just cry? I could. (As my brother pointed out, diamond tears, oh so good.)

I'm so super proud to be part of Cosmo's all-periods all-the-time celebration of all of us and all our red women. Check it HERE

(As always, the bios are the hardest parts to write. But I like how this one landed.)

Xs & Os, ya hotties.



And now for a few things I've loved this week.