And now for a few things I've loved this week.

// EVERLANE FOR WORKWEAR.   So, I got this job!?? I'm really thrilled. I'm relieved! I'm excited about the work, too. It's all such an early Christmas present, I'm over the moon. There IS a dress code, and that did make me go a little frowny for a minute, but then I grew up and went online and actually, the world of workwear isn't so bad these days! So I put in a huge order at Everlane because I remembered their cotton box cut sweaters from 5 years ago being one of the best purchases I'd ever made of my life, and dork or not I feel like the swankiest, chic-est little twerp ever when I roll into work these days in my basic uniform of gray, navy, and black. Thank Your, Everlane! These cotton v-necks feel like what I imagine being rich and sophisticated feels like. 

// WE ARE KNITTERS. It's knitting season again. Somehow I can never get myself to knit or crochet or spin wool during the spring or summer, but here we are and these days I like to lovingly pet my knitting needles and tell them how lovely they are. Right now I'm working on too many half-started projects at once (classic) including this really rad The Dude-inspired blanket from We Are Knitters. I love these guys. The kits are incredibly beautiful and the instructions are easy to follow, and the brown paper bag they come in are so minimalist and good at hiding your project after you've started then gotten distracted, because hell's knows is important to keep the yarn away from the cat.

// THE ASTRO POETS. I feel like I link to this Twitter account at least once a year but it never stops being my favorite. (Related... ish:  this Captain's Log notebook could be a fun, simple gift for one of the nerds you love.)

// TOYS FOR TOTS.  This year Amazon Alexa customers can donate to Toys for Tots simply by shouting out in the middle of their living room,"Hey Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots!" Amazon will be matching every customer donation, toy for toy, through the end of the year. Go do it! Something fun to try out this year. :) (I don't have an Alexa either but you can get in on one for as little as $30 here.)

// OCTOPUSES. Did you know the plural of octopus is octopuses! Try not to let that discourage you. I've been researching octopuses at work this week for a creative assignment, and it has been so much fun. I sat at my desk the other day learning all about these freaky alien creatures with my jaw open and my eyes bright like a lunatic. DID YOU KNOW?? I kept telling my coworker at the next desk over what I was learning and I could tell he was finding me more and more bizarre as the afternoon went on. Like this: I found an octopus pets forum where owners compare, like, water pH and what brand of frozen shrimp their octopuses prefer? Plus videos of their octopuses opening glass jars to get to the food inside, and one long story about an octopus named Davy Jones and all the colors he had managed to turn that week. So good. This article on Scientific American called The Mind of an Octopus, also this video called If Your Hands Could Smell, You'd Be an Octopus. You're welcome.

// THINX. So I've had the same menstrual cup for over three years now? And I've started to feel like I could definitely never leave her, you know? I love her. I am dedicated to her. But sometimes she's not enough, or your seal isn't just right, panty liners are gross and wasteful and not all period undies are created equal. I've been trying Thinx though and so far I like them! These ones are perfect for day two when your abdomen feels extra cranky, and you get to choose your absorption level since not all cervixes are created equal.

// MY CAT. Just kidding actually I hate my cat right now. Every night she greets me at the door when I get home from work looking all sweet and loving despite all the peeing she'd been doing on my bed all day long for god knows WHAT reason. Let's communicate here, cat! Is she mad at me? Is she mad at Huck? Is she mad at the bunny. Was it Huck's friend's little brother who chased her around the couch for 20 minutes the other night. Has her quota of tuna extras been too low? Did we not get to snuggle long enough this morning before I had to get up. Is it something to do with her kitty litter? WHAT EXACTLY is it to do with her kitty litter??? Just tell me, I'll do anything!!! I suspect she is fully capable of telling me these wishes and desires, probably in rather helpful detail, she's just enjoying watching me squirm instead. She and Bunners are engaged in a severe bit of turf war, where I come home every night to these little circling paths of bunny poop pebbles all around the areas of the house that Bunners thinks should be hers, so that's probably the issue, and don't you ever want to take your pets firmly by the shoulders, stare them in the eyes and say, Look You Guys. Transitions Are Difficult. I Know I'm Gone A Lot Now. But All Of These Places Are MINE STILL Figure It Out.

The end.


  1. What's your job?! I mean...just a little hint. (Just curious!) But it sounds creative and sound like you have a rad wardrobe, so big congrats! Happy for you. :)

  2. Current fan and former veterinary assistant here, cats often urinate outside the litter box bc a urinary tract infection makes urination painful and they blame the box and urinate elsewhere! A visit to the vet with a urine sample will sort it out! Hope this helps! : )

    1. I've wondered about that! It's definitely on my radar.

  3. I'm so so so happy you're back to these kind of posts!! I'd love to see some outfit posts or ideas for those constrained by the business caj monotony.

  4. Glad to hear about the job, and these recommendations are reminding me of the ye olde blog times- wonderful!

  5. Ahh, I'm so happy you're blogging again!

  6. JUST SO HAPPY FOR YOU! YAY! not so happy for you about the cat pee situation - hope it's resolved soon.. xxx

  7. oh. & love the blog redesign too! ok bye.


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