This Will Go On Till June Around Here

I should be mad at the snow that is dumping down around me, but I can't, it's so pretty.

I should be mourning the springtime weather I should be experiencing, but I won't, because for once I am home-bound in a snow storm with nowhere to go, and it is cozy!

I should be thinking tights are not a substitute for pants, but I can't, 'cause that's all I want to be wearing today.

I should be upset that The Holbs took the nice car to school today, leaving me with Betsy the Flying Potato, but Betsy is so much fun to drive, and I always get whistles from beefy men when we are out on the town together, and all those "Is that your car? Really?" and then the look of mixed respect and jealousy, and you know, I really love whistles from beefy men.

I should be cleaning the house today, but I won't, because I'll be hanging the pom-poms I made with Anne last night while we recited lines over Meg and Tom's dialogue in Sleepless in Seattle, instead.

(Anne can quote movies better than me... it's hard on my pride.)

Also, I really love my pom poms.


Too Cool

George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames, and Jens Risom
Found at (You should be reading

Originally published in Playboy of all places.

Can you get over those suits?


New York Was His Town, And It Always Would Be

Easily the best opening of any movie ever.

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Days With My Father

Have you seen this?

This is the most beautiful, poignant website I think I've ever come across. Link here: Days With My Father 


Partners In Crime

Barnsters MacGrumblybum, Christmas 2008

Last night I could not sleep. I tossed and turned and the dogs were just everywhere and finally I realized I was never going to sleep, so I got up.

Barnaby couldn't sleep either, so we wandered around the house for a bit and downloaded some music. Then I decided to clean the spare bedrooms.

We were such a good team, me and Barney. I'd rearrange shelves and he'd stop to sniff things, and when he gave the go ahead I'd put something new there. I think Barney was really hoping I'd produce a treat out of my pocket or maybe let him out to verbally abuse our neighbor's dog. But he has this funny way of sitting on his stumpy little legs and looking at me with his head cocked to the side, like a psychiatrist analyzing my moves, and when I ask him what he thinks he seems to actually have an opinion. I don't know, it was late.

By two in the morning I felt like things were in good shape and so we silently turned off all the lights. I let Barnaby out to the back yard under strict orders that he was to speak to no one, and after he'd done his business he padded softly back inside. It was like we were ninjas, accomplishing all this in the dead of night while The Holbs slept in the bedroom.

In the pitch blackness of the bedroom I felt along the floor, found Barney's scruffy schnoz, felt back to his bum and then hoisted him on the bed.

Partners. In cleaning crime. Good job, Barneyskoodles.


Jazz, And All That

Over the weekend we attended the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival.

Back when I was in college and trying to decide what to do with myself, I took a few vocal jazz classes. I was singing jazz at a restaurant downtown Portland at the time and loved it so hard. I really loved those classes, too, and singing the old standards and learning how to scat and studying up on Ella and Etta and Louis and Robbie.

In the end I majored in something "useful." Blah blah blah.

Sometimes I like to pretend that I stayed in those jazz classes and majored in jazz vocal performance. And sometimes I like to go to jazz festivals and be all smart explaining improv rules and chord progressions to my clueless and adorable red husband -- whose only musical instrument is the calculator after all.

Lionel Hampton played the xylophone. That is pretty bad ass.

Farewell To The Beard, Or, The Coming Of Spring

A moment of silence for Brandon's red beard, which he shaved off tonight, 
even after I begged him not to and made all of my saddest faces.

I am going to miss that beard.
Darn it that beard was sexy.

today i am thinking about disneyland

it's about time for another trip to disneyland, is what my internal disney meter says.