This Will Go On Till June Around Here

I should be mad at the snow that is dumping down around me, but I can't, it's so pretty.

I should be mourning the springtime weather I should be experiencing, but I won't, because for once I am home-bound in a snow storm with nowhere to go, and it is cozy!

I should be thinking tights are not a substitute for pants, but I can't, 'cause that's all I want to be wearing today.

I should be upset that The Holbs took the nice car to school today, leaving me with Betsy the Flying Potato, but Betsy is so much fun to drive, and I always get whistles from beefy men when we are out on the town together, and all those "Is that your car? Really?" and then the look of mixed respect and jealousy, and you know, I really love whistles from beefy men.

I should be cleaning the house today, but I won't, because I'll be hanging the pom-poms I made with Anne last night while we recited lines over Meg and Tom's dialogue in Sleepless in Seattle, instead.

(Anne can quote movies better than me... it's hard on my pride.)

Also, I really love my pom poms.


  1. yes, Cesar Remero is short, and THAT is one of the greatest scenes in movie history!!! Thanks for mentioning it though, cuz now I gotta go watch it. Yeah, thanks alot! :) JK

  2. i should be exercising, but i'm not


  3. I should be exercising too - it should be Day 5 of the 30 Day Shred - but it's not.


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