Farewell To The Beard, Or, The Coming Of Spring

A moment of silence for Brandon's red beard, which he shaved off tonight, 
even after I begged him not to and made all of my saddest faces.

I am going to miss that beard.
Darn it that beard was sexy.


  1. jt and the unintentional douchery is just a farce, me thinks he is an intentional douche and i will probably still love him forever.

    the beard is a wonder to behold. my shorter half cannot stand to grow a beard for the life of him and i'm okay with that. i do not like road rash after all...

  2. My husband can't grow a beard, at all. It comes in all patchy and weird, and just doesn't look right, lol. Which is fine, because I prefer him smooth anyway. :)

  3. My redhead shaved his on Saturday and I almost cried. He'd had it for so long that it freaked me out for -- okay, I'm still a little freaked out. It also means that I won't see another one until the weather gets cold again 8-9 months from now. Boo.

  4. My blondy hubs always has a goatee, and while he denies it, it is totally a red beard. I love it and never want him to shave it. He did once, and when he came to greet me when I got home, I cried. He started growing it back that day...


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