Days With My Father

Have you seen this?

This is the most beautiful, poignant website I think I've ever come across. Link here: Days With My Father 


  1. That's a moving post, I'm going to check it out.
    About the "crossing the line" part... I don't know if there is actually a line. I think we draw the line ourselves and, although I haven't read it yet, that kind of blog is probably one of those that makes you think- about your own life, appreciate small things and learn not to judge people.
    In short- we are the ones who decide where the line is- if there's even one.

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing that. I was nearly in tears while sitting at my desk at work.

  3. I cried.

    Thanks for sharing this... it was really sweet and heartbreaking...

  4. Thanks for sharing. That was amazing!

  5. i loved this. i read through it twice. i giggled at, "look at my titties" and just about cried when i got to the end. what a beautiful story!

  6. Dear Natalie,
    I've been reading your blog all day and cannot explain to you how amazing your writing is, in case you didn't already know. You draw people in and connect them to your words in a way that you must have been born's not possibly something that you could have been taught or could teach someone else. You just have a gift. I've been going through your archives all day -- six hours now-- and when I came upon this post, I had to say: YOU should have a book deal. You asked how everyone has one, and it's funny because I thought to myself on like, hour 2 of going through your archives that you should write books. You should and could have a book deal. I can't possibly imagine a day when you stop blogging because I feel so lucky to have a window into your small corner of the world, through your blog, and connect so much with your emotions and thoughts and tangents, and would be so SAD if you ever stopped sharing. Please don't, but if you ever do, you should write books! I would read them as avidly as you read Stephanie Meyers' Twilights.

  7. Just read this and oh how it brought tears to my eyes. I didn't grow up with a father, and the step-father I had was not a very good example so I absolutely love reading stories like this. Gives me so much hope knowing that our children will look at their father with unconditional love & patience as he ages. So grateful I chose to marry a wonderful man who is a great father. Thanks for sharing Nat!


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