romper: esby apparel / jesus sandals: amazon (they're actually called that?)

Last month in Austin I got to meet Stephanie Beard, owner and designer of esby apparel. It was such a treat. I got to see and feel her gorgeous pieces, try them ALL on, and bring a few home to show off to my readers. I even made a friend out of the deal! 

I'd been hoping to show off her amazing stuff for weeks, ever since since I got back from South By, but then we moved house, life got REALLY weird, family came into town, and my Internet went bust. But! I'm here! Here I am! Better late than early! And here is that post finally, featuring two  of my favorite looks from the current line at esby apparel

this bag is an old one from madewell and it is amazing

First is this ROMPERRRRR. 

Hold up -- after culling my wardrobe again (KonMari Take Two! THIS TIME IT WILL WORK!), and now that the entirety of my wardrobe fills only half a standard closet, don't you find it FULLY FASCINATING that I somehow managed to keep onto FOUR WHOLE ROMPERS?? 


Well, I do. #easilyimpressedwithmyself

Okay but wait -- how do you feel about wide-legged silhouettes? Now that I have you here?

Personally, having grown up the daughter of Julie Lovin, I knew off the bat that this wide-legged deal was going to be my Def Jam. I remember my mom wearing so much of this silhouette when I was a kid that for sentimental reasons alone I knew I would have to love this trend a very stupid amount. 

And, it turns out, I do!

What I don't love at the moment are my current white wall prospects. So disappointing. Grass! Shadows! Ugh! 

Anyway. I tried.

Alexandra took these next wide-legged photos for me just the other day. Thanks, Alex!

clogs: nina z / pants: esby apparel / top: fruit of the loom 

Here is the thing: My poor waist has played second fiddle in fashion to every other body part that I've owned for years. I used to watch period films featuring cinched waists and tight bodices and just feel so sorry for my midsection for being born in THE wrong decade. Until now! There she is! Hi, waist! I hadn't forgotten about you! 

Stephanie makes these high-waisted wide-legged trousers in just about every neutral color a neutral-phile could ever desire and I'm not going to lie to you, they make me feel leggy and waist-y and a little bit like an extra from Out of Africa


Well anyway, my white wall-ing needs some work. Don't I look awkward? But don't I also look like I'm enjoying it? ;)



Fulfillment. The name of the game here is fulfillment. 

Idaho is just about to end its long, slow slog into spring. 

Idaho does this every year. It waits and waits and waits and waits until sometime in May when it suddenly decides to get its act together and make us some buds. And then, POW!

Idaho in spring is absolutely heart-stopping, I can't wait. We're not quite there yet. It's shifting closer. It's so, so close. 

(I wrote a post on this once!)

But back to me, okay?

Change, Completion, Fulfillment.

Change, change, change.

(Anyway, could I GET any more obtuse?)
(Probably. You wanna find out?)

Um, here's a bit of excitement for you:

hey huck!

The Appaloosa Horse Museum! Not to get too excited about it or anything, it's just that, as much as I love lentils . . . 

("It's just that . . .", "Well . . . ", "Actually . . . ", and, "I'm sorry to tell you this, but . . . ", are apparently my favorite ways to start sentences, according to Huck and his newest ways of starting sentences.) 

Well. I am sorry to tell you this, but the Appaloosa Museum is super tiny. 

It did smell good inside though.

Did you know Huck's favorite food these days is octopus? 

Yes, that's it. Octopus. Shrimp will do, too, if the octopus is all out. He's very brave, ins't he?

Personally I haven't dared eat any seafood since we left the city, because I value my life. 
No no no, I'm sure it's not that bad, although someday when Huck is old enough to know what this means, I'd like to ask him whether eating seafood in a landlocked state should be concerning unto him. 

But then, what am I even talking about!? This restaurant up there is in Pullman! Which, while only 8 miles from where I sit at this moment in this very landlocked state called Idaho, happens to be in Washington, which, as we all know from the fifth grade, is a coastal state.

Doesn't that sort of make you want to question, like, everything?!? 

The End.