Late Spring

Here in Moscow the trees are beginning to sprout. Daffodils are starting to poke through the ground. Grass is coming up in splotches. It is mid-May and we are barely seeing tulips. I am not holding my breath. I have learned that when it comes to Moscow and spring, you just have to have patience.

In some parts of the country it has been Spring since early March. In some parts of the country the weather is already reliably into the sixties and seventies (and eighties!).

Here in Moscow, we celebrate a day that hovers above 48 for longer than an hour. We are still awaiting our spring.

It comes every year, even when I think it won't. Even when it comes just as most people are getting their first glimpses of summer, it comes. It always comes.

It's slow, but it comes.

I try and think of that on days like today, when it is hailing horizontally and I have to turn the heater on and I'm wearing way too many clothes for May.

Perhaps I am a little like Moscow, too.

It'll come.
It always does.

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