I Like It

I like that Moscow has a symphony, and that my friend Ryan Nitz played classical guitar tonight like a rockstar.

I like that it is sunny out, and that I get to go to a baseball game tonight.

I like that I finally hung those dang blasted paper lanterns that I've had since February.

I like that people have called and emailed and texted about Peter Pan. I like that he is home. (I don't like that he has peed on everything in the house, and that I get nervous every time he moves, but let's not talk about that.)

So many of us love our doggies and consider them family. I like that.

I like that at night I get on my laptop and Holbsterama gets on his and I surf the web and he does really nerdy things, like play online Settlers against a robot.

I like him, I guess :).

The end.