Moscow Summer In A Weekend, Part One

In the summertime, when the sun is out and the college kids are gone, that's when I remember how much I love Moscow.

This weekend it hit eighty degrees. And rather than pack, I decided to cram it all, an entire Moscow summer, into the days leading up to Wednesday. Cause I waited all stinking year for this Moscow summer, and I am not gonna miss it.

I went to the Farmer's Market and listened to a xylophone band and browsed over tomato plants and bought some jewelry. I bumped into Jeff and Ollie and their new Sawyer Johanna, who is just the perfect size to eat in one bite. I saw a friend from church who offered me a bite of his chicken skewer, I listened to a goth teen with triangular hair play classical violin next to the organic soaps. And then I ate an empanada.

Grain silo!

This is Otto's. Otto's is pretty.

And then the famous Annie Pies herself met me for a sesh at my favorite thrift place.

I'm going to miss it here this summer!