Test results came back on the stones removed from Peter Pan's bladder and it is not particularly good. His stones are calcium oxalate, which means they cannot be dissolved through antibiotics, and our best bet is to try and keep them from coming back. 50% of dogs who've had these stones removed will get them again. Best case scenario, he is on his pricey new doggie food with urine tests every two months. Worse case scenario, the food doesn't control it and we have to add a potassium pill, and if that doesn't cut it, he gets ultrasounds and catheters to flush out his bladder while the stones are still small.

Either way, we have a sickly doggie.

It breaks my heart but we are ready to do whatever we can to keep this pup as healthy as could be.

I went back through all our old photos today and found a few of my favorites of Mr. Petey the Pan.

Such a sweet, weird little turkey, this one.