Moscow Summer In A Weekend, Part Two

Here is what I like about Moscow in the summer:
Visiting Oprah, Uma, Doris the Mini Horis, and Big Mama down the road just before dusk.

Anne puts Big Mama under her spell.

Feeding Big Mama is about the bravest thing I've ever done. She's sort of blind, and she sort of bit my thumb. She promises it was an accident. I believe her.

Oprah (right) and Uma (left) are the silliest llamas I've had the pleasure to laugh at.

The Holbs looks mighty dapper tonight.

Peter was thrilled to be reunited with his lovah, Doris the mini-Horis, who is actually a boy. Whatever. Love is love.

Doris' real name, I am sorry to tell you, is Cubby.

The End.