Sick Leave

I stood by the door with my finger and thumb held to my face.


He was on his stomach on the bed with some books and he briefly glanced at me. "Hey." Is what he said.

"rrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinng" I said again.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his finger and thumb, checked the caller I.D., decided not to answer, and put his hand back in his pocket.

"RRRRRIIIIIINNNNNG" my call got more impatient. He sighed.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hi, is this Mr. Holbrook? Hi, this is your wife."

"Oh, hi wife!" he said into his fingers.

"Hi, I'm calling in sick. I've got this headache?... If it's okay with you, I'll be spending the rest of the day on the couch not doing anything."

"... Okay, I'll just be here in the bedroom, studying."

"You can manage okay?"

"Sure. Take some medicine."

"Okay." I agreed. "Sorry I didn't finish the laundry," I threw in for good measure.

"Kiss kiss," he said. (Not very professional.)

Then we hung up and I took up camp on the sofa.

What I did while I did nothing:
~ Finish Season 3 of Arrested Development (raging crush on Buster Bluth)
~ Catch up on 30 Rock episodes
~ Find some new blogs I am obsessed with
~ Remember at the nick of time to take my vitamin
~ Let Petey out to pee a bajillion times. Boy is his bladder working!

Now, let's talk about a raise, Holbsy.