and now for posterity, here are all of henny's halloween costumes this year
(he had three)

 henny the lion, at the ward halloween party
(photos by mark weinberg, the man has talent!)

henny the surly frenchman at our mom's group halloween party
(he's really selling this one)

the surly frenchman was then upgraded to henny the mime, for trick or treating at the dorchester building
(brandon calls it the dorkchester, sorry dudes.)

hey save me a tootsie roll, will ya?
happy halloween!


it still feels really weird to me that life on the upper west side has already gone back to normal after the hurricane, while just a few blocks to the south so many are still without power. by tuesday night most of our local restaurants had opened back up, meanwhile all of hoboken is buried in hudson and won't have power back until saturday. it feels weird and kind of wrong.

in what is becoming kind of a bizarre holbrook hurricane tradition (two years running!), we bundled up in our rain gear the morning after and (very, very carefully) set out through the neighborhood to assess the damage and play our favorite hurricane game, "who all is open?" my favorite neighborhood shoe store is always open during the hurricane, and for the second year in a row they were entirely sold out of their substantial stock of hunter wellies by mornings. smart!

here are a few shots of our water-logged corner of manhattan...

...that broken crane... 
...part of that enormous street lamp on the ground...
...unbelievable colors on these downed branches...
...we spotted peter pan's girlfriend moby and my heart broke a little. hoping he stayed safe in virginia!...
...dead umbrellas on the street always remind me of this post i wrote a million years ago...
...this poor car did not fare too well...

tonight is halloween though it's going to be a quiet one. 69th street has canceled their halloween party (for the first time since 1969) and in light of everything that's happened lately--especially those awful stabbings last week--i'm sort of glad. i'm such a halloween grinch. but we are having a little party with all of henny's friends this morning (we're running late!) as school's off the third day in a row and we have to get a costume parade in there somewhere.

to all of you heading out this evening, stay dry and safe while trick or treating. may your candy bags runneth over!
my galoshes are bass from last year 
(these boots are similarish)



update from "hurricane central, natalie speaking!" 

so the lesson we are learning is this: it's not so bad to live on the upper west side during hurricane season. brandon and i watched the updates coming in through twitter last night in complete horror as we waited for the worst of it to hit us here. but somehow, and amazingly fortunately, our neck of woods seemed to have been completely spared. i walked out to the lobby last night at 10PM to see how things were going, and it was completely calm out. no winds, no rain, only a few leaves strewn across the sidewalk, and a few brave dog owners accompanying their puppies on walks. i stood there in disbelief. we are so fortunate. downtown is completely flooded, most of the city is out of power, many buildings suffered intense structural damage, 10 people have died, the subway tunnels are completely flooded and that giant crane that broke off the top of one 57th street is still dangling there helplessly, yet somehow we were able to stay warm and cozy and protected. we know how lucky we are and we are so grateful. we've said many prayers of gratitude today and also wanted to be sure to thank all our readers and instagram and twitter friends from around the world for sending their positive thoughts and prayers and wishes our way.

here are a few shots i took around our house yesterday as we waited out hurricane sandy.

...watching duh-do with daddy...
...testing out our new cotton candy machine. who needs a cotton candy machine? actually i'm going to go with EVERYONE. this thing is a riot...
...vegetarian chili on the stove...
...carving up poor old jack and roasting his seeds...



well, the holbrooks are ready for hurricane sandy. we've got our water and our batteries and enough packs of wet wipes to last us a hundred years. the feather mattress pad we finally ordered even arrived just in the nick of time, so at least we'll be snuggling in in downy comfort! (cheap mattress, expensive mattress accessories, that's one way to do it?) 

it feels like we were here just yesterday, preparing for irene. here's hoping sandy has similar plans for the upper west side and just moseys on by. 

we took a quick expedition this morning while it was still barely breezy to scope out who all was still open. it was misty and soupy out and deserted like a ghost town, but we lucked out on a bagel joint and practically cleaned them out of their plains and sesames. we should have enough bagels to last us through thursday. we'll be rationing our cream cheese provisions carefully!


until sandy's had her fill of the city, we'll be cooped up in here watching duh-doh (dumbo), coloring in our coloring books, carving some pumpkins and roasting some seeds, maybe strumming a few guitar chords here and there, and hoping the power stays on.

stay warm and safe, east coast! our driest thoughts are with you!