(I just asked The Holbs for a post topic idea, and he suggested I discuss the thematic elements of Edward Scizzorhands, just FYI.)

Gold leaf. Yeah, gold leaf, turns out, is not so easy.

Actually, it's not the process that's so difficult, it's the gold leaf wrangling that got me. Those little sheets of gold are just so delicate, and they stick to your fingers, but luckily gold leaf is also very forgiving. 

I had a fit of housekeeping this week and I laundered all the couch cushions and the bedding, I made a new duvet cover for the bed, I groomed the dogs, cleaned every horizontal surface I could reach, and then I made some pom poms. Pom poms!

I literally just took that photo over my shoulder just now.

I used the Martha Stewart kit from Michael's and it was fuuuuun. I want to make more NOW. The Holbs will undoubtedly be dismayed when the entire house is turned into a giant pom pom factory.

And then in this fit of housekeeping I had a sub-fit of organizing, and that is when I found an old stash of summer fabrics I'd meant to make into some a-line skirts last year. I finished a few and, with nobody with opposable thumbs at home to photograph the evidence, I finally found the timer mode on my dinky old camera. It is probably the last time I will ever use it. See for yourself.

My brillo pad and I made an important discovery yesterday and now when you walk in my kitchen you go, "Have these floors always been blue?" and then I go, "Yes, apparently they have."



And now, a list of things I will never do.
  • Get season tickets to any sporting event of any kind
  • Own a boat
  • (I almost wrote "show my boobs at Mardi Gras" but that is actually something I'd probably do, actually)
  • Go on a cruise
  • Hike for longer than four hours or camp for longer than two days
  • Hunt anything. Ever. Oh my gosh.
  • Get a cat and name him Ron Weasley, even though I really, really want a cat named Ron Weasley
  • Voluntarily watch Fox News, because it's just not in my constitution


  1. No cruise, why no cruise- cruising is a very nice way to travel unless you get seasick in which case I totally get why no cruise.

  2. remind me not to go to mardi gras with you...

    the skirts, i loooove. i just said to my mom yesterday in wal marts

    me: i want to make some skirts!

    mom: okay

    me: i don't know hoooowwww!

    mom: i will teach you

    me: okay!

    end scene

  3. I LOVE your epic postS of nothingness and i want some of your talent! xo

  4. I have to also comment on the no cruise. If you get seasick, you can skip my comment. If not... I swore I would NEVER go on a tacky cruise. They are for OLD people (gotcha there!). That all changed when I fell in love and my new boyfriend (now husband) invited me to go on a cruise with his family after someone else had to cancel and they had an extra spot. OMGoodness did we have FUN! Since then we've been on FOUR cruises, including an amazingly romantic Mediterranean Honeymoon cruise. We still take 'regular' vacations but sometimes when you really just want an 'easy' vacation (no real decisions have to be made), a cruise is the way to go.


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