To Thursday

Taken at this time three years ago, Central Park.

Dear Tomorrow,

When you get here, I will keep the house clean. I will sweep the dust bunnies and I will clear the sink. I will tidy and I will organize - you'll see - when you're here.

I will finish those flowers for my mother-in-law. I will mail the package to my niece. I will get my studio back in working condition when you arrive, I have no idea how it got so messy so quickly, I swear it wasn't my fault - well, I can't be entirely sure it wasn't my fault - but when you come I'll fix it, but I can't start until you get here, so.

I will make better decisions once you get here, dear Tomorrow, I will. I'll be better to my body - I'll eat more fruit and leave the peanut butter and honey in their cupboards, together, you and me, we will do it when we are together.

Until then...

But I will be better with you.



  1. Story of my life! Love it!

  2. I am a lurker, stalker/crazy person that reads your blog daily. Your writing is great and I feel as though we might have been separated at birth except I am MUCH chubbier and you have more style. But other than that it is possible. I loved this post. I feel this way everyday about the next day. It made me giggle and made me actually look forward to tomorrow.


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