Last night. Eclair cake. Okay, sooo I flirted it out of a what I think may have been one of the Young Men but what may actually have been a Missionary (eek!) from the other ward after Mutual. I feel a little guilty about it now. But it was Eclair cake!

And now here are some cute pictures of that cute boy I married:

just for whatever. he's cute.

Today I am recommending:
  • Salad rolls! This is not a dinner for boys. It goes thusly: Rice wraps, spinach, julienned carrots, red cabbage, alfalfa sprouts (the best things EV-ERRRR), bean sprouts (if you can find them and they aren't all gooey), and other assortments of vegetables, you know, knock yourself out, but the following is crucial: hoisin sauce, peanut butter sauce, sriracha sauce. Don't even bother if you don't have the three sauces. Nuke the peanut butter for thirty seconds in a ramekin, dip your roll in it, and squirt the sriracha on top (hoisin goes inside, with the veggies). Choirs of angels sing and somewhere a puppy gets a kiss.
  • Bon Iver
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Walks with terriers
  • Prudent shoes
the end.


  1. HOLBS! Here is your first comment. You are, officially, comment-a-ble. (Yes Natalie you are right, Pullman DOES stink. I hate that I have to live here. I miss the 'Co. I mean, we don't even have Wendys. It's an injustice when you have to drive 7 miles for a small chili and a Frosty dairy dessert).

  2. basically photo montages of red headed husbands are prudent

    as are horses named oprah

  3. kalli, the LLAMA is named oprah, get with the program.

    denise, i think we also have the only taco bell, but i'm not sure.

  4. Hallelujah! I'm the only one with an unhealthy internet crush on the Holbs? Less competition, however it can't be true. People just don't have the gut to admit it. At least I own it.

  5. Uh, yes. You do have Taco Bell and Wendy's and we DO NOT. Reason enough to think Moscow is better than Pullman.

    Brandon - you are totally worth comments!! Now please call my husband because he feels neglected. If you would like, you guys are welcome to landscape our backyard, too.

    Natalie! I'm so glad I'm worth coming to Pullman for! And does that mean I'm the best thing about Pullman? Maybe?

    Another date soon?

  6. I so do not miss Pullman! 4 years of that place was enough for me!

  7. I want you to name my pets from now on.

    And The Holbs? Comment Worthy, absolutely.

    Additionally...Diet Dr. Pepper is Perfection

  8. The Holbs and Andy Carmen = the best home teachers ever. The ones down here in AZ don't even compare. Those guys were so much more fun to talk too.

  9. Shout out to Brandon!

    I think your cool:)

  10. To the Holbs you are great!!! I find it awesome that you care enough to read your wifes daily blogs and care about what gets commented. That is awesome in itself. Natalie you are a lucky girl :)

  11. I Love eclair cake, too! I see nothing wrong with you helping the other ward eat it. Don't feel guilty at all! ;)
    I also Love seeing your love, the Holbs, on your blog.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  12. my hubby too cares about comments, so i really think i ought to contribute. it was a fun post to read - love the description of walking the dogs, it made me laugh!

  13. You do have the only Taco Bell. And Zips. And a decent pizza joing (Smoky Mountain). I wish I could eat solid foods again!

  14. My apologies for being way behind on my Nat reading, but I must comment that I love Holbs's smile lines (I'd call 'em "crow's feet" if I actually knew the Holbs and was certain he wouldn't wince at the sound of it). My honey has them, too. Good spot for a smooch!


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