So This Is How It Goes

I love Conference weekend! We watch it on the Internet at the Holbs/Lovin casita and this means that we can watch it in bed, we can watch it in the living room, we have options.

Conference via Internet also means you can watch Conference in the evening, say, after you've been to the antiques show in Pullman and bought an eighteen-dollar silver three-tiered petit a fours tray and a set of ten egg-shaped blue-flecked bowls. The only thing better than Conference is Conference after antiquing.

I just love Conference weekend. I love rolling out of bed and knitting in my sweats and raising my hand with those in favor and having another muffin and singing the hymns in my living room, and I especially love saying Amen in my little house after every talk. I also love the traditional Sunday evening Conference Is Over, Let's Take A Nap.

This Sunday was the first Sunday in a while where I've had Sunday Night Itis, and I think it was because I was so sad to see the Conference weekend end.

It also gave me a powerful hankering for those Utah parts.

Post Script - Please use your Post-Conference Spiritual High to pray that my period will not come anymore. Please and Thanks.

Your Friend,
Nat the Rat (Fat)


  1. Uh, hello? Where are the pictures of your antiques?!

  2. and we shall have a glorious time together in but a brief few days...

    the excitement is palpable is it not?


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