Star Signs

I take my zodiac signs very seriously.

I am a libra. Any astrologer will tell you, libras are the best.

Diplomaitic and urbane
Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable

Famous Libras:
Gene Autrey!
Truman Capote!
Julie Andrews!

So I took a zodiac compatibility test online tonight. It told me I am most compatible with virgos.

Modest and shy
Meticulous and reliable
Practical and diligent
Intelligent and analytical
Fussy and a worrier
Overcritical and harsh
Perfectionist and conservative

Know who is a virgo?
Regis Philbin and Richard Gere are virgos.

Know who else is a virgo?


  1. Wow. If you take this so seriously, you should probably use the correct grammar. Should be "Top 10 Reasons YOU'RE a..."

  2. I am also a LIBRAAA :) All hail the awesomeness of the scales :P


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