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michelle, owner and curator of one of my favorite online boutiques, shop pretty mommy, recently asked me to guest curate a few of my favorites for her shop blog, which was a very fun assignment indeed. i love michelle's eclectic yet simple bohemian style, and i could spend my last copper penny in that shop and die a happy, penniless, fabulously dressed girl. 

in case my favorites are your favorites too, you can enjoy 20% off your next purchase at shop pretty mommy with the code NATTHEFATRAT. while you're in there, get those beatrice valenzuela booties for me. i'm afraid i don't have the (c)ankles for them. :(

p.s. another favorite shop of mine, sonnet james, has launched a kickstarter HERE. if you pledge $75 or more you'll get a dress! which comes to like, i don't know . . .  a 20% discount? (math skills, i have none.) (you can see me in the sonnet james dress i own HERE.)

and now, for the opposite end of the spectrum:
what YOU should be buying at forever 21 RIGHT NOW,

and also on babble:

*i love shopping at crappy places like forever 21, and i probably always will, but a piece of clothing is definitely 100x more special and rewarding when i've invested in independently-designed, humanely produced works of art, which is something i hope to do more of now that i'm (gasp!) in my thirties.* 


  1. I love, love, love reading your blog and I'm so jazzed (do the kids these days still say "jazzed"?) that you've posted several times this week. Even when you think you have nothing to say, it's so great to hear your voice and read about your and Huck's journeys through the city. I saw your tweet from the other day and my heart just hurt for you. I have to believe that you'll be a mama again.

  2. I love all of your picks, and I have to agree about buying independent designer clothes. Hanna Marie

  3. Oh man, those booties are calling to me. Great picks!

  4. Those picks are gorgeous, for a mother or not! And I'm with ya on the crappy forever 21 items. Love em and hate em.

  5. Yes I love my Old Navy cheap buys, but I feel a million times better when I purchase independently owned greatly made pieces.

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  7. Ha. Pimento Cheese is my JAM. Mmmmmmmm...

    Also, love the links!

  8. such beauty full things! love!


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