has he ever toppled over forwards into the bathtub? brandon asked me this morning while eyeing the green tub.

these days huck's favorite thing to do is to pull himself up to standing around stuff that is potentially life threatening. he loves especially the slippery green porcelain of the slippery green bathtub in our little green bathroom. he pulls himself up, balances precariously on his fat little toes, and then l-e-a-n-s as far forward as he can until he is touching the bottom of the tub with his fingertips. then he giggles and smacks the bathtub with his fat little hands and bounces with glee as his little voice echoes through the tub. eventually he stands upright, falls with a thud on his fat little bottom, claps his chubby little hands together (they always smell like mangos), nods his chubby little cheeks quite emphatically, and says 'tah tah tah tah." 

but no, he has never actually fallen forward into the bathtub. 

maybe today is the day, brandon said kind of ominously while wearing his yellow tie. was this a prophecy i wondered? i always try to prophesy about things which involve nutella if i can, because honestly that's a bit more sensible.

then we went to church, where nobody--not even anybody--fell into any bathtubs. 

ALTHOUGH: we did lose a toy due to some terribly awkward circumstances. a small boy somehow wandered into relief society carrying huck's toy. i church-texted to brandon, is that huck's church toy? and if so, what do i do?? and then while i sat there worriedly with question marks hovering over me, the church toy up and left with the church kid and that was the end of that. 

but no, no bathtubs. 

huck also didn't fall into the bathtub when we walked through central park to enjoy one of the last warm evenings of the year. this is not surprising. while we were there we happened upon some friends who were having a picnic. they had a million leftover tacos and offered us some, and i was certain all of my dreams had suddenly come true. 

RELATED BUT ONLY SLIGHTLY: my taco picnic friend's love language is feeding her friends. my love language happens to be all of the love languages, seriously you can't go wrong with me. 

when we got home i ran the shower.

and i was in the middle of explaining with grand gestures this thing i'd read on the twitters all about the wall street occupation and something about a "people's mic" while the water warmed up--when suddenly,


i raced into the bathroom (physically two and a half steps away from where i was standing) and there he was, in the bathtub, covered with perfect-temperature shower sprinkles, his bottom half still hanging from the edge of that silly green tub, his little bare feet kicking sort of pathetically.

i picked him up and we looked at each other in shock. sort of a mixture of, gravity what is this? and, is my husband psychic???

i wordlessly carried my half-soaked baby into the living room, where the holbs sort of looked at me like seriously? and the huck sort of looked at me like why am i all wet? and we laughed over it and frowned over it and kissed wet babies and then the huck and me, we got in the shower, whereupon we decided that the holbsdad is not allowed to make prophesies anymore.

i owe many thanks to the blogfairy for straightening out my garbagey html (thanks, sistah!)
and guess what!
(i read that blog obsessively when i was pregnant, so this is a huge deal to me.)


  1. I loved this post, not only because you always write so beautifully, but because you used the phrase "happened upon" which is quite possibly one of the best ways to say "came across", and always makes me think, of Alice in Wonderland for some reason.

    I definitely think the Holbs needs to refrain from prophesies just while Huck works out his balance in the face of gravity!

  2. Awww poor Huck. gravity can be mean like that.

    and yum tacos. i think i've discovered what i want for dinner now.

  3. OMG This is so funny! Poor little Huckleberry. Hopefully he won't fall into any more tubs... no matter where they may be.

  4. aww poor little baby... loved reading this!

    and what a great friend who loves feeding others! i need one stat.


  5. my baby is just starting to pull himself up onto everything and it's...exhausting? and someone stole huck's church toy? good luck figuring that situation out - that is indeed very, very tricky.
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  6. brad pitt and natalie holbrook in the same article?! you are famous!

  7. i just love the way you write.

  8. what! i thought you just meant, "nameberry mentioned that Huck is a cool name", but no! namemberry thinks that henry august holbrook is a cool name! oh my goodness!

  9. I laughed out loud! I can't say I "lol'd" because that is against my personal code. Natalie, you're a doll. Next time you're in Utah, we should be friends. I promise, no small talk. Only big BIG talk about Occupy Wall Street.

  10. this was written so well. a post about not much but that's impossible to put down. and i'm so glad the little one is ok, even though he has discovered gravity.

  11. Poor little Huck! What a way to be introduced to gravity! Oh, and you must try this nutella cookie recipe ( It's a prophesy all on it's own!

  12. Look, call up that other mom and say, "Hey, on Sunday I saw you have a toy just like my son's important church toy. I don't know where I lost mine. It (was given to me, I bought it at, I made it, whatever the truth)." Then wait for her answer.
    You haven't actually claimed hers, because it may be a duplicate, but you have opened up the window to getting the toy back if it is yours. She will probably say I found it under the chairs in Relief Society and didn't know it was yours!
    Sometimes Dads can tell that a child has grown tall enough - next will be hitting his head on the table as he runs under it!

  13. Poor little Huck! Haha, I laughed out loud while reading this - I can just imagine it in my head!

  14. I'm sorry poor Huck was so tramatized, but precious posts like these are the reasons Spencer doesn't want me to read your blog, and no amount of crying (i read your babble post and laughed) could un-hunger me.

    North Meets South

  15. Fantastic post, Nat!

    But poor little Huck. I hope he wasn't too shaken by the bringing about of Sunday prophecies?

  16. I will say what I came here to say, even if it echoes everyone else- loved this post! The way you rant is awesomely entertaining.

  17. In other tub news, I saw you and Huck on swissmiss today in this post:

    He looks super cute (and not at all like a face-planting tub baby)!

  18. you killed me with the whole "church" issues... haha oh man hahaha. I am not even sure what to say, haha.


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