The Weather Forecast
Has Eaten My Soul

hey holbsy, remember when we spent the day at the coast??

let's do that again.


  1. I am SO SAD that I am going to miss the first snow storm of the season because I will be traveling. =o( I hope you take some good pictures of it.

  2. If you weren't in Utah this year for Christmas I'd say come on down for the sunny, sixty five degree Christmas. Someday the northwestern Lovins have to do that, it would be tons of FUN! You could be Mary in the annual Nativity, Brandon could be Joseph, it would rock the house down!!!! Have fun in Hawaii you luck duck! love you, nik

  3. i do not feel bad for you friend.

    a. you're going to hawaii next week

    b. it's christmas, we neeed snow for christmas!

    c. i don't have a c. i don't even know why i listed it.

  4. After leaving a comment a week ago about swatting mosquitos and running my AC in December...we've just had our first snow in FOUR YEARS! This is FABULOUS!!!

    No, I still don't want your winter, but a little bit of snow sure is nice :)

  5. You're going to Hawaii next week? I'm trying to drum up some sympathy for you but since we'll be experiencing the same storm but I have to endure it longer, I think the sympathy should come to me haha :)


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