We Were Going To Fly To Hawaii Today, And Then This Happened

and what happens in a driveway full of snow? 

this happens in a driveway full of snow.

this is where i faked him out like i was going in for a little kiss.


when you are snowed in there is nothing better than a really good paint by number.
and diet pepsi.
lots of diet pepsis.

and long snowy walks with the family
(and monty, perfectly camouflaged)

later that night we even lost power!

so my dear deranged sister put on a little candlelit performance for us. 

obviously, our flight to hawaii was cancelled
looks like we'll be having a white christmas after all.

good thing i have my red head with me.
merry christmas, lover!


  1. awww that sucks, i'm sorry! we got dumped on too, we probably got a foot today. at least you will be with your family though. we are staying here, jason is working up to xmas and then the day after xmas so i couldn't ditch him on xmas to be with my family. it's hard for me though, everyone else is there so i've been calling home everyday and crying when i hang up. i just want to be there too.

  2. Not one single flake of snow here in Medford. So we're relocating to higher ground tomorrow morning for sledding in Ashland! I wish so much I could be enjoying the beautiful snow and the kumbaya-ing, and the puppies, and Christmas done right with my family.

    It's been fun with the inlaws... lots of fun. But I miss you guys!!

    I hope you're not all christmased out by the 27th when we arrive to do our gift exchange(hopefully the roads allow us to be there by then)!!

    yours truly,
    that other Lovin,

  3. When there were no updates I pictured you laying on a beach soaking up the rays of sunshine while we were buried under all this snow! I'm glad you made it to Portland before all the mess began so you could be with your family and I hope you'll get that hawaiian vacation soon. Have a very Merry WHITE Christmas!

  4. and so you see...

    the prayers of the righteous minded are dually answered!

    Merrrrry Christmas my friend!!

  5. I'm so glad you guys made it there alright! I've been hearing horror stories about the storms up there! Have fun with your family and Merry Christmas!

  6. So tell me, Natalie, are you really disappointed? Or secretly pleased that you're getting to do Christmas the "right" way after all? :)

    We feel your pain, though--Katie and Kenny are STILL in SLC! They were supposed to fly here Saturday, and then again Sunday, but both flights were cancelled, so their next attempt will be Christmas Eve. Here's hoping they'll get through--because my mom keeps sighing and saying "If only Katie and Kenny were here..." Huh? WE'RE here!!! How come that's not good enough??? Pshaw.

  7. I say light the fire, crank up the heat and wear your swimsuits while you open your gifts on Christmas morning!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  8. so how much snow have you gotten now??? i haven't even had the TV on for over a week. i didn't even realize you guys were getting hit that hard. other than what i have read on your facebook, i would have been oblivious to the snow out there!


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