The Holbs Night

The other night Alex and I decided to have a Brandon night. 

The Inspiration:

(Pardon the blurry photos. Actually I think they add a little something "extra.")

So, first we had to channel the 1995-era Holbs.

I have the hands-in-pocket/bent-leg posed nailed; Alex goes for more of a "disaffected youth" look. Also, Alex, learn to hold a camera steady, yeesh.

Then we made spaghetti and rice krispy treats. Does The Holbs particularly love rice krispy treats? No, but I do. So. 


  1. we love our husbands all the time, even when they annoy us the majority of the time. love is so we can put up with annoying.

    it goes both ways

    and this is how it works.

    someone please explain to me why butt cuts were so popular circa 1997? every male i know in the 14-23 range was sporting such during this time period. it is a travishamockery.

  2. that's only because i didn't post the blog about us arguing to the point of ridiculousness the night before valentine's day, haha. i don't have the kind of husband who would appreciate uncensored honesty about our stupid fights. and i'm terrible at blogging when i'm pouty. but i'm for real, i promise :) i'll try to back off of the love stuff. i'll mix it up a bit :) marriage really is work. i think people who realize this have the most successful marriages :)

  3. em, you're right, there is a fine line between talking about marriage and airing dirty laundry. it's always easier to go on about your husband when you're happy with him than when you're not, huh.

    and kalli, yes, love means never having to say "you're bugging me."

    anybody else? this feels like a good discussion in the making.

  4. there full of it.
    i've been married long enough that i can say it!
    hey... share your low cal, vegetarian recipes that you have tried & that are good.
    i'm on a new health kick & am always looking for something new & good!

  5. I only blog about the good times, my hubby would be very put out if I shared the not so good times as it is he is not a fan of my blog obsession.

  6. Oh, my gosh. You know what's really bad? When you have a baby. Trust me--there will be days when you hate your husband SO MUCH the only reason you won't get divorced is because you don't want to be a single mom!!! I'm not kidding. My sister-in-law (who has a baby 4 months older than Camryn) and I talked about this at our other sister-in-law's wedding (of all places). We both agreed that marriage changes in some rather horrible ways after a baby arrives, and that we both have contemplated leaving our spouses in the dust on more than one occasion! I don't know why it's so hard sometimes. Karl and I fight waaayyy more than we should--we think it's because in most marriages, there's a dominant spouse and a passive one, and in OUR marriage there isn't. We both want to be top dog. And top dog + top dog = trouble. Trust me--people who LOVE LOVE LOVE their spouses are LYING. Or are married to Ben Affleck. Which I occasionally wish to be. People who also LOVE LOVE LOVE their children are lying, too. Unless their children have never grown teeth, or moved to Grandma's house, or become 8 months old. Camryn is currently sucking the life out of me. So, yeah. Liars--all of them!!!

  7. well, i love love love my husband through and through. and i am no liar. so, there goes that theory... :)

  8. this happened yesterday and I am not sure if it is too dirty laundry for our blog so I'll tell you..(it is not for me, but might be for my husbands whole fam who reads.)

    yesterday before dinner we got into a stupid dispute...a few hours later...i said sorry about it again and he said its ok I saw that you only have 3 pills left on your pill pack!

    He told me he went into the kitchen and looked at my birth control pack to see if i was really fighting with him or just being hormonal before he answered any of my questions! if i wasn't laughing i would have knee'd him!

  9. I Love Love Love my hubby, and I never have considered divorce as an option BUT he does drive me INSANE on occasion. Same with the kids, I love them more than anything although there are moments that I wonder what I was thinking- these are the moments that I need a mommy break even if its hiding in the bathroom with a book for 15 minutes with a locked door!

  10. No two people will get along perfectly all the time. That's the beauty of love and marriage though. You can fight to the ends of the earth, but you still have love and that love is the glue that in the end, will make you gaze at him one night and thank God that he was sent to you, even if he's making your hair turn grey. Ever since Dan got back from Iraq it's taken a very long time for us to get back to being "us', but we have to trust that the love will see us through. Your marriage is strong, your faith is strong, and you will have a beautiful rollercoaster life with your redheaded hunk :)

  11. Wait--before everyone burns me at the stake, I LOVE my husband and my daughter. But some days I like them NOT AT ALL. And I refuse to pretend that life is always hunky-dory with them--because it makes me feel very, very alone when I feel like I'm the only one who struggles with my family. People who pretend to be perfect make people who know they aren't feel like the only ones with struggles. And that just ain't cool!!! I'd much rather dismount from my high horse and be brutally honest about my feelings (and thus suffer the scorn of a thousand unnamed bloggers) than make anyone feel alone in their imperfections!


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