New York Natalie

New York Natalie was here today. She came to visit this morning. I said hello and how have you been and what have you been up to? She is just as grouchy as I remember her and even more impatient.

New York Natalie comes to visit from time to time. Today I was glad to see her. I needed some of her chutzpah. Today New York Natalie managed to drive to work in five minutes when it usually takes ten, she scowled while folding a denim wall, and then she got very impatient while on line for a roast beef sandwich at Subway.

New York Natalie laughed at the irony when I took two Midol along with my daily prenatal vitamin, because New York Natalie doesn't show weaknes, and when I wanted to whimper, she stood up straighter and dared it to hurt worse. She could take it. Even if I couldn't.

New York Natalie didn't say anything mean about the five extra pounds on Moscow Natalie, because New York Natalie is a classy broad. She asked to watch Labyrinth and the DVD extras from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and who am I to argue? I reminded New York Natalie that Moscow Natalie doesn't watch R-rated movies anymore, and then New York Natalie pointed out how unhealthy it is to compartmentalize oneself, so I shut up.

Then New York Natalie left. It was good to spend time with her while she was here. But now that she is gone I can say it: she is exhausting.


  1. So...I am wondering, how did New York Natalie become Moscow Natalie? I mean it wasn't just the change of venue right?

  2. new york natalie is nice, and i like her outfits. but moscow natalie is the one i know and love and i think i like her better. nay, i know i like her better.

  3. I'm in New York now! The state misses you...

  4. isn't it funny how certain versions of ourselves are better at certain things? for instance: college age la was much better at having fun. mother age la is boring. but sometimes little bits of the college age la come to visit and we remember how to dance crazy and stay up all night just cause.


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