Indulge Me.

Try this some day:
1. Quit your soul-sucking job
2. Spend two blissful days sewing in your studio which you finally had time to clean up
3. Wake up Saturday morning to a beautiful dusting of snow
4. Have a friend who loves nothing more than self-indulgent self-portraits
5. Eat Polish food
6. Visit your onesies at a super cute boutique

I promise you you will love it.

The End.


  1. You are so cute! I want to hate you, but it's impossible I think.

  2. is that your viral fur coat? i mean i almost wish we were neighbors so I could wear it too! except it would look like a barbie coat on me. then i would be the giant in a barbie coat. so never mind. but neighbors yes.

  3. Hey Natalie.. Do u still sell onesies?


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