As It Stands

it is january 11th and my christmas tree is still up.

i have grand plans to take it down, but then i don't know what happens! suddenly the night is over, and the tree has won, and there it stands, for another day.

please tell me i am not alone in this.


  1. you are totally not alone!!!

    we have seven, yes seven trees and ALL of them are still up. I'm aiming for end of January or early February for take down...mostly because I love it all too much to take it down! One year we had it up until MARCH! Our white tree even became the Valentine tree :)

    Just rock the tree and don't worry about it!!!

  2. We finally took down our tree yesterday. I think last year it stayed up until almost February...

  3. I never leave comments..... well I guess I am leaving a comment - so that is really not true is it?

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog! You are zesty, spunky and 100% fantastic!

    Who cares if you still have your tree up - Put a few red and pink hearts cut out of construction paper on it and call it a Valentine tree!

  4. had my hubs not taken the tree down while i was out of the house... the tree would still be standing in my living room allowing a small crawling child to climb upon it.

    you are not alone.

  5. we just took ours down on the 9th and i still have ornaments everywhere, along with all the other Christmas decs. My plan is to put them all up later today. Taking care of your body is more important than the tree. ;)

  6. My tree's still up. And I have no desire whatsoever to take it down. Because it's a lot prettier than what goes there when the tree is gone. Prettier = good enough reason for me to leave it there. Done and done!

  7. my tree is up too, I even have a christmas project(GIFTS) to complete and packages to be sent- the portland snow storm seemed to have sucked all my energy away and I have yet to accomplish it- I sort of figure I can't take the tree down until all the gifts are completed and mailed out. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a tree to undecorate.

  8. there is nothing wrong with extending the christmas spirit. growing up my connie left our tree up until late january, on purpose.

    personally ours came down the day after christmas, because it was a fire hazard at that point, that's why.

  9. i have a friend who left her tree up for a whole year once and just kept redecorating for other holidays. the best one was Easter baskets hanging from the branches.

    it was fabulous.


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