Life Lesson: Learned

Here is a little note to yours truly: Self, Natalie darling, when you are trying to clear up space on your hard drive for your music, don't go messing in your music files and deleting your entire iTunes library, okay? It sort of defeats the purpose, really.

Something else I have learned: One should consider waiting a day, or at least count to 10 before emptying the trash and sending all 3,000 of your songs into the ether. Because you can't just find the ether and ask for your songs back. The ether has good taste in music too, you know.

And also: When iTunes doesn't have enough space to begin with, reuploding all of your music won't work. It won't all fit. Of course, the songs that don't transfer in will be your favorites.


  1. I, for one, think tantrums at any age are perfectly acceptable. I throw one every now and then simply to keep my hubby on his toes. He says he doesn't need to see "all that" in order to be kept on his toes but we all have varying opinions about what people "need" now don't we.

    As for recovering 95% of your music, well now, look at you and your big brain...but....well...95%?, 95% just isn't going to cut it missy, go to your room....

    Seriously Nat, just before Christmas I found my one year old up on the kitchen island banging away on my keyboard. I put her down, shut the computer down and went about my day with not another thought about it. Well, in all of that random typing she had somehow managed to rename my library and when I went to start my computer up it couldn't find ANYTHING so it looked like everything was GONE. It never occurred to me what had happened until I was sitting with the Mac Genius at the Genius Bar at the Apple store, after crying for hours trying to fix it myself, and he said "look at this" and I saw "dfjdsi90safjw" and instantly I knew. We renamed it properly, rebooted the thing and there it all was, my life, back in place.
    I so feel your pain about your itunes. I think I lost 5 years off my life during my ordeal.

  2. mine is all magically missing too, stupid apple update mother effer

    i have to now download a program to pull it all off my ipod and back onto my library

    so excited about it

  3. I like you more and more each day. Can I just say that? I know I'm a loser for just reading blogs and not having guts a.k.a. self-discipline/focus/wittiness to write one and even more of a loser for wanting nothing more in life. But then, I know I can't take the criticism. I just know there's a half-dozen Judgmental Judys out there just like me waiting to jump on me the second I say "mother effing" or some other abhomination of grammar/religion. But when you say it it makes me laugh, as do most of your posts this week. Please don't approve this awful rave, I just wanted you to know. Keep it up girlie.

  4. Natalie! I want you to design some onesies for the twinners. Have any cute ideas? The wittiest I could think of was to have "I'm cuter than my twin" written on them. I'm sure you could think of something cuter. Drop me a line.


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