It starts like this. The other day, I got a flu shot. Afterward, while walking through the kleenex aisle, I suddenly had the goofiest, happiest feeling.

My shoulder was a little sore, was it that? And I was wearing one of my favorite gray sweatshirts. I was drinking a pumpkin spice latte, which I hadn't done in about forever because first of all they are gross and a cloyingly sweet, but also because they have been way basic lately and I do like to follow trends, although now apparently they are acceptable in public spaces again, according to Twitter. So there. The kleenex aisle is a surprisingly innovative little section to be in, now that I mention it. Have you seen all these newfangled dispensers?? I even had a tuna fish sandwich looming in my future for lunch. The whole thing rather delighted me, and I thought to myself, oh, life, aren't you just the cutest? and that of course made me think of the movie Overboard.

(Have you seen enough Overboard* recently? Lordy, it is one of my favorites.)

(*No, not the new one. I am sorry I cannot do the new one.)

I think the best things in the world might include a well-designed character wardrobe, and I suspect Goldie Hawn's wardrobe in Overboard is one of the all-time best. So we're going to start her off here with a series I'm going call,

STYLE ICON! // (Insert Character Name Here)

You seeing it??

(Seriously, pause your life now and watch this movie if you haven't already, because we're going to go through this one outfit by outfit, featuring Annie (Joanna?) Proffitt (Uhh, Stayton) *so problematic, these movies* and her perfection of a Coastal Oregon Wardrobe, Obviously All Second Hand From The Salvation Army.)

Forget Octobers, how great is it to live in a world where the Overboard costuming department exists??

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First of all, are these all photos taken of my TV using my phone?? They are.  

Second of all, is this jumpsuit. 

I love me a good jumpsuit. 

And her hair!!!

I love jumpsuits especially because of how well they work in literally every season. They're loose enough in the summer to keep you cool, even though your entire body is covered. They're great for those weird weather transition-y months, and in the winter you can long underwear layer the hell out of them and no one will be the wiser. 

I have a bunch of vintage buttons, pins, and girl scout badges that I've been collecting over the years, they're a fun way to personalize your jumpsuit. Embroider your initials on the front and add a red hankie to your back pocket and boom, you're a freaking goddess. 

Right off the bat we get a really great montage of Goldie Hawn cleaning up the Proffitt shack of horrors in various kick ass tomboy get ups. Vintage gray sweatshirt with DIY 3/4 sleeve cut offs? Dang, Gina! 

Add a blue zip up hoodie for a double sweats look that I can't believe I hadn't thought of before.

And flannels? Yeah, I guess I live in Portland again. But seriously, how great is her clean-up method though?

"Baby, we like you!"

While I have you here I wish to mention the insane patternstravaganza up in this place. 

 Pillow!!! I stan this house.  

Easily the best outfit of the entire movie happens in this scene, where the boys superglue the plates to her hands and then there's the big water fight, and OMG Bad Billy Pratt and also seriously she had time to make a chocolate mousse pie?? 

This outfit is so easy to replicate, and doesn't it work so well with that messy pony and the feathered bangs? If I could I would wear this outfit every day. Even the skirt! ...Maybe. 

Girl, you just cuff those sleeves!! 

PS May I humbly suggest that when you pull off this look you opt for something embroidered?? By me??

Cuff. That. Tee!

As Annie starts getting the Proffitt family's act together she starts sporting these hella great short sleeved chambrays. I even love the popped collar, what do you want me to do about it?? See also: over-sized denim jackets.

Hat game on point.

OMG but *this* outfit. You go, Kurt Russell.

Almost as good as the cuffed over-sized white tee, is the cuffed over-sized gray tee. 

"That's nice!" 

I suggest you get yours embroidered. By me. 

"I got the part of Tiny Tim in the school play!" 
"I got an A in English!"
"I'm flunking math."

While I wouldn't necessarily wear this pattern, the fact that all these floral skirts are available everywhere these days is one of the greatest things to happen to us, as a people, this summer. 

Seriously how good is her hair?

She's using a barrette rather than a hair tie, which is genius. 

You're on your own for the macaroni necklace, though.

It wasn't until fairly recently that the depth of troublesomeness of this movie really hit me. I mean . . . But her sweater!

Well, there we have it! Now I'm off to source some vintage-y athletic-y gray sweatshirts for embroidering on this autumn, because that just seems like the obvious next step here.

The end. 

"It's a hell of a day at sea, sir!"


  1. OMG Yes! Please do Alex Owens from flash dance for your next one

  2. I loved this post! BRB while I go find my own sweatshirt from which to cut sleeves off...

  3. Please do Sally and Gillian from Practical Magic 🌙✨

  4. Okay this is like one of the greatest posts of all time! Love it Natalie! Also the wardrobe choices from Better Off Dead are pretty great. I vote for that next!

  5. I vote for Jo from Little Women (Winona Ryder...please!)

  6. I have missed your writing sooo bad! Welcome back. AND YAS QUEEN TO THE CUFF SLEEVE

  7. This is one of my all time favorites and I cant wait to rewatch it now and source my closet to match her! and i quote "I just ate. a. bug." all the time. love this so much.

  8. I recently saw this again after sooo many years. My sister and I watched this on repeat. Decades later, I noticed things that I didn't before ( like the entire premise is yes, troubling) but, it's Goldie! And I also noticed her clothes for the first time. And no joke, when she was laying there with the pots and pans on her, I was seriously like, wait- can I have that pillow. Yes to Overboard shopping. If I was gonna do a movie style- I am Pretty Woman Julia Roberts and her BFF Kit all the way:)


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