One More Day

I spent this afternoon aimlessly down  5th Avenue. Oh I used the bathroom at Saks, I window-shopped at Tiffany, I tried on some shoes at Versace (I had that poor salesman fooled), I sent an email at the pretty new glass Mac store on 59th. It was like a four-hour meditation on sadness. I was in-tune. Me, my city, and my blisters. Oh it was a lovely, depressing afternoon.

I stopped in at the Barnes and Noble to sit in the air conditioning and relax for a bit. I read some of The Shopgirl (which is romantic and very sweet), I watched people browse the aisles. And then on my way out the door I saw little city kids and their city moms and I had a moment of what-could-have-been. Oh how I wish I could have lived here long enough to be a mom in the city. I swung open the door and gasped at the sight of St. Patrick’s Cathedral standing just in front of me and promptly forgot everything that was ever in my head.

At Henri Bendel I got a make-over. Tarte cheek stain where have you been all my life!


I toyed around with ending the blog today, since I started it in New York and now New York is ending for me. It would have been a grand, sweeping gesture reflecting the end of an era, the end of a really great year . . . but then I started my period and decided it must have all just been PMS talking.

To Idaho!


  1. a guilty pleasure of mine is reading old posts (because i love your writing so much), and knowing at the same time how it all turns out.

    "and then on my way out the door I saw little city kids and their city moms and I had a moment of what-could-have-been."

    looks like your could-have-been came true after all. isn't that something?

  2. Love this!!! Goosebumps!!

  3. So glad you didn't end the blog!

  4. If only we could look ahead and realize that those "what might have been" thought could be real someday...

  5. I bet you're glad you didn't end the blog here. I sure am


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