An Open Letter To My Sandals

To My Dearest Saltwater Sandals,

My time with you this summer has been brief, too brief. The snows of June and the rains of August made me savor each day I had with you in July. I tried to be fair and wear each of you equally, I hope no one felt left out.

But the winds of change, they are a'comin', there's just no denying it. I awake to a chill in the mornings, I need a sweater for my morning commute. The afternoons are lovely and warm, but the breezes are brisk and the shade is cold. I'd like to bring you out more but it's just not working like it used to.

It's not you, it's me.

I will remember our summer with fondness. I will think of you often when I am with my boots and galoshes. I will think of visiting you again from time to time, but I will decide in the end that it is just too painful. We need a clean break. We need to move on.

I will see you again next summer, when the air is warm and the sun is bright. Until then, I hope you enjoy your time in the plastic storage bin with the rest of the flip flops and sandals I have loved. Please keep the gossip to a minimum.


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