Well, so here is what all we've been up to these days.

Firstly. Bagels. I think one of the more important tasks among the new-to-a-neighborhood is the scoping out the of bagels situation. Eventually the goal is to settle on an "our bagel place" type of deal where the dudes know our order and don't have to ask every time if we want it toasted (we don't). I find that a heavy hand with the cream cheese is not necessary in an ideal bagel place relationship, although I also know that everyone feels differently on the matter, as is their right. I had the bagel scene on lockdown on the Upper West Side (Absolute, as well as the guy in front of ABC studios before noon on weekdays), and it is a little bit daunting to start from scratch like this. (I don't anticipate anyplace will be better than Absolute.  Such is life.) Any past or present Slope-types care to weigh in? Best bagel around here?

Not a bagel, but a taco. Sort of. I've been thinking about this goa taco for approximately nine hundred years since we got it at the mini flea on 7th a few weekends ago. Holy Hannah.

So there's a bowling alley down on 5th Avenue, right next to the Broncos Toncos. We went once with some friends (who just had their first baby!!! eeeep!) and Huck has been dying to go back ever since. It's on our short list of "save it for a rainy day" activities (along with, thank you, Chuck E. Cheese, Huck is obsessed). I promise he loved it way more than it looks like he loved it in these photos, hah.

Wait guys--Feet Shot.

This is probably what he loved best about bowling. Holy crap he's such a boy these days.

I keep on attempting to cook more at home and wouldn't ya know I keep on being unsuccessful. I blame this on bagels. Every now and then I achieve some moderate success. These carrots, for example. A+.

No reason at all except that it's called Tiny's Giant and I just think that's rather clever.

Oh! I made it to Russ & Daughters finally, speaking of bagels.

I don't actually know what a bialy is. Even though the other day on my birthday when we were in the lower east side and I was getting a creme brulee doughnut from the Doughnut Plant, I overheard a tour guide telling his tour group all about the famous bialy place next door. I was in too much of a rush for a creme brulee doughnut to actually listen, because you gotta get there fast before they sell out, and now I have bialy regrets. I mean, I suppose there's always Wikipedia. 

Feet Shot #2

Well, the sad tale of Blackie and Tee, Huck's goldfish babies. We've already lost Tee to the cruelties of mortality. Sigh. We planned to get him a beta, knowing that this would happen with a goldfish, but Huck was just really into the idea of a goldfish, and since the point is supposed to be to teach Huck responsibility and let him feel ownership for something, we decided to go for it. I'm sure we'll do the beta thing once Blackie finally eats it, too. Or else maybe Huck will have gotten "pet steward" out of his system by then? Huck wasn't the slightest bit upset when he found Tee floating belly-up last night, though he did express concern later on about "peeping on Tee" after we'd flushed him for a lovely burial at sea.  

I felt really bad about it, though. Poor Tee. He looked really happy until right up to the end.

Will you look at this though.

Thank you, Huck.

Just a few pretty things around our apartment that have been making me smile. You know. Nesty garbage. :)

I went all the way out to Greenpoint the other day to meet some friends at Bakeri for lunch. This place is adorable. And those jumpsuits! 

Hmmm. Not smart.

(We had pillows, cushions, and two spotters just out of frame. Promise.)

(I was really more concerned for our pipes!)

Feet Shot #3! Now that Huck is a grown gentleman, I've been going well out of my way to not match him anymore, ever. Mom sacrifices, you know. But match-y metallic silver/gold shoes, this is okay, if you ask me. It's hard because jeans and a tee is all either of us wears, so it's really easy to walk out in full twinsies without even meaning to. Anyway. He's four in three weeks (wow!) and all good things must come to an end. Another thing worth noting about this photo is it was so windy that day that it nearly blew our faces off, and Huck kept calling it "win-wind." Wind so hard it was winning? I like the way his brain works. 

I've just really been enjoying Brooklyn lately in all this buttery yellow autumn sunlight. 

Huck's been getting a sticker subscription in the mail the past little bit from Pipsticks. Half go in my bag for emergency boredom situations, the other half I give to Huck to do with as he pleases, which usually involves putting all of them on his face, all at once. A holdover from our days at the UWS Trader Joe's when he was a baby and I'd put all of the stickers we got at check out on my face all at once to keep him entertained while I paid. It's kind of heartbreakingly sweet, the way silly things like that still hang on. (If you'd like, Hey Natalie Jean readers can get one month free when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription. Just use the code NAT10 at checkout.)

Okay. Final Fall Feet Shot The Last to take us out. Whew! 

The end.


  1. The Bagel Hole on 7th Ave. Seriously great bagel, plus they don't toast so it's kind of perfect.

  2. I had a goldfish I got to keep in my room but I picked him up one day and kissed him and put him back in and he didn't make it. Cue "kiss of death" jokes from my parents for the next 25 years.

  3. Yes, Bagel Hole is great! Order 2 bagels, they are small.

  4. I could look at your pics of food all day :-) yummy!

    Love from bella Italia!


  5. Goldfish are weirdly hard to keep alive, my friends recently moved here to NY from France and brought their goldfish (no, not kidding, they did this and he's fine). They need REALLY big tanks and one of those pumps that oxygenates the water. When I had a beta, it also required one of those pump things.

    Anyway...just a little random pet-fish info from a reader! :)

  6. When I read "nesty garbage" I thought you were literally referring to garbage in the picture...had to scroll back up to see. Nope, just mums. boots. umbrellas.
    Bagels look so yummy.
    Happy Friday.

  7. We got a beta for our 4 year old earlier this year - it is still alive, but really not doing well. I think it has some type of fin rot (thanks to googling) and he is turning white. Moral of the story for us is, no more fish unless we can get a big tank.

  8. Oh, man Natalie! meal making is a WORLD of unsuccess. I attempted to make Mulligatawny stew (an Indian dish if you're in to curried goodness) and I'm not much of a master at the spices. We're just eating pancakes and home made raisins now a days. I love your homemaking life. Thanks for pretty piccy's to excite me for the weekend.


  9. I prefer Bergen Bagels to Russ, it shouldn't be too far from you!

    1. I agree with Bergen Bagels! I say walk up to 7th Ave from 9th St and take the B67 if your feet get little tiered then get off at Flatbush... but really, it's not that far.

  10. So much yummy food and good times. ♥ It is a goal of mine to eat colorful carrots and if there was ever a time to complete that goal, it's now! And STICKERS! I used to adore stickers when I was little (still do!).

  11. That pic of Huck on Brandon's shoulders is awesome.

  12. hi natalie!! where on earth did you get your mules from??!! love love love this blog

  13. Your photos make me so happy. What do you shoot with?
    I'm hoping to visit New York again next fall when my baby is bigger and I want to visit every place you mention!!

  14. Ok, I'm going to be a little random and my comment is about the fish! :) Have you tried getting some kind of drops that balance the pH in the fish bowl? In college a bunch of us attended a seminar about being a pre-vet major just for the free goldfish they were giving everyone and while theirs all lasted for maybe a week tops, mine lived for 5 years in his little bowl! pH drops and letting the new water sit for awhile before putting him back in it so the temp would adjust was my only trick (he hung out in a tupperware bowl of water in the meantime...haha!) Maybe you're over the whole fish thing, but just thought I'd pipe in with my advice. :)

    1. Goldfish are actually really, really dirty fish and need cool, filtered water. It's gotta be the biggest misconception in the world that they make good (fishbowl) pets, but amazing yours lived that long!

      Bettas like stagnant water. Go with the betta!

  15. All I want now is an everything bagel! I have been meaning to make some for quite some time! Love these pictures! Huck is just so adorable.
    Leah Faye
    the clover field

  16. ahhh huck! he looks adorable.
    Carrots look good - keep it up ;)

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  17. Such beautiful photo,Huck is completely adorable....this is a lovely ages with boys. Best bagels I've ever had were in NYC, British bagels don't even compare, sadly ;)

  18. Bagels in Park Slope/South Slope: BAGEL HOLE on 7th ave.! Bagel Pub isn't so bad. LA BAGEL DELIGHT! I believe they have 3 locations in the area. Obv the ones in caps are my favorites.


  19. That picture of Huck and Brandon with the ivy wall backdrop is mon.ey!!!
    xo TJ

  20. oh Huck- he really is the sweetest. Your photo game has been on point recently!

  21. These pics are so amazing
    Maggie D.
    <a href="”> Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion Blog </a>

  22. Not sure where in park slope you are but terrace bagels on prospect park west around 16th street is my favorite!

  23. Natalie, I always really enjoy reading your posts. :) I especially like these ones where you catch us up on your day to day stuff. when my day has left my feeling a little flat I like to read your blog - it feels like a hug from your best friend!!!!


  24. terrace bagels on ppw and 16th-ish was our very first brooklyn bagel spot, and all others got compared to them (and inevitably came up short.) not for nothing, their counter guys are on par, too.

  25. Hehe. Your comment on the pipes made me laugh. You now have a new follower.

  26. we almost didn't go to absolute on our trip to nyc cause the line was ridic, but alas. it was one of the better stops of our trip.

    the little diary

  27. You guys are such an adorable family -Hanna Lei

  28. We're new to the neighborhood too and LOVE Bagel Pub! Crispy outsides and doughy insides! Lots of cream cheese! Very generous with the lox if you're into that, which I'm not, but my hubs is. Also a very strange/interesting selection of fresh juices. Maybe we'll have to check out this Bagel Hole though considering all the love it's getting here.


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