yours truly up front in a shop in canada!thx anabela for the shot!

I'M ON A PLANE! Well, in a few hours I'm on a plane. (Remember to email me at heynataliejean at gmail to RSVP if you can make the meet+greet in Paris!) I'm so excited / totally thrilled / a little bit nervous for my time in Europe, and so grateful to the folks at The Hive for inviting me out to speak at their conference in Berlin so I could have the excuse to meet readers in nearby cities. It's going to be restorative and wonderful for me + my introvert to wander all over hill and dale together, I can't wait. Though don't cry for me Argentina but this will be my first time away from my baby for longer than one night in . . . ever. Fingers crossed my cabbies are nice and my conversational French is up to the job! 

So! A few quick things I enjoyed this week . . . 

This Hey Natalie Jean book review. Clearly. I mean, obviously I agree with every word of it. ;)

The trailer for the Iris Apfel Documentary!!!!!!!!! Caaaaan't waaaaaait.

This made me cry.

My favorite mascara of all the times.

The adorable café in Paris where we'll be having our author meet + greet is adorable.

New York TV apartments and what they'd be worth today.

I love this girl and her #noapologiesproject on Instagram.

Striped dress alert!

I got to attend the Madewell fall 15 preview and it was everything you'd want fall to be.

Beautiful post on nursing.

My sister recently joined the Birkenstock fold, and it reminded me I've been looking at these kids birks as a possible alternative to Saltwaters. Though why you'd need an alternative to Saltwaters is beyond me.

This article on the nerdiest casting director in Hollywood--right up my alley.

I've scheduled a week of posts for while I'm out. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Have a great time in Paris! Wish I had the time to come and see you!That café looks like a place I would enjoy!

  2. That Buzzfeed article was great! Also, FMLA in the US applies to both parents. I think people sometimes forget that. My husband and I both took it and had our companies dole out paid leave during each of our 12 weeks (I also got an additional paid 6 weeks as part of short term disability.). It was financially hard (we made about 75% of what we normally would take home) but my son didn't start daycare til he was 7 months old. I am very lucky to have an equal partner. We truly share all house and childcare responsibilities. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

  3. Have so much fun!!! If no one mentioned the Catacombs in Paris, you should seriously look into going there. An underground graveyard in limestone tunnels from the turn of the century. So amazing.

  4. the Iris Apfel documentary is amazing. saw it down here during the miami international film festival and Iris was there to answer questions at the end which made it even more of an experience.

  5. Ohhh Europe, my side of the world! Hope you arrived safely and have fun! XO Naomi in Wonderland


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