thoughts on trains.

I like taking the Number 2 train because the announcements are done by a tag team of what I like to imagine is a happily married couple. First the woman tells you what stop you're at and what stop is next; then the man tells you to "Stand clear of the closing doors, please." I like it because the man is looking out for our safety (as all men should, really) and the woman is being kind and telling us where we are.

It is much preferable to the Number 5 train. I dislike it when I'm told, "This is the last stop on this train - please exit the train immediately," because that means I have to sit at the Bowling Green stop for just about forever with the tacky orange subway tiles where it’s hot and sticky until another train comes along, and really.

That's it, kids.

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  1. Have you ever seen utah state's basketball stadium? The whole thing is done with this color scheme. puke.


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