Out With The Old

The end of 2005 will be ushered out with much blowing of noses and consumption of Nyquil at the Holbrook house, and 2006 will be ushered in with more of the same. And when I ask The Husband for a back tickle in the New Year his answer will be the same as it was in the Old Year: "I'm trying to sleep!”

Peter Pan took his first outdoor steps today as he had his final round of shots earlier this week. He is immune! Hallelujah! Quarantine was rough, and not allowing his paws to touch a floor another dog may have touched was a little bit sanity-consuming, but we made it through! We celebrated by dressing him up in his jaunty Isaac Mizrahi trench coat and booties and taking him for a very jaunty but terribly ADD style walk in the snow. It went like this: walk walk walk - stop to sniff- walk walk walk- lick the cement!- walk walk walk- gotta catch the leaf gotta catch the leaf!- walk walk walk- run run run! - wait, where was I going? And then we let him race down the hall on our floor, and let me tell you, with good carpeted traction and free space to run, that dog can catch some speed! And then he whimpered at the door while The Husband took a shower. He could find no solace in his mommy who was sitting on the couch fully available and waiting for love. So sad.

So, here's to your New Year, and here's to ours as well, which The Husband has decided will be a Naked New Year; a new tradition he swears up and down we're starting tonight. We'll see about that one. Happy New Year!

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