here's some things we like to do in central park on a sunday afternoon.

. . . admire the views . . .

. . . have stroller races . . .

. . . go off-roading . . . 

. . . enjoy the boats at the boat basin . . .

. . . commune with some trees . . .

and now you know!
happy labor day weekend!

some things i enjoyed this week:

i'm not a morning person, but this is the most romantic thing! makes me want to use my mornings with purpose from now on.

liz stanley makes the raddest totes

i've been practicing this mini crown braid--i'm determined to get it down!  

i spent the afternoon at murray's cheese shop today and came home with one of these slates, plus a jar of honey made from a rooftop hive here in manhattan, of all places! it's really good, too.

perfect floppy felt hat for fall: found.

and some things i wrote elsewhere this week:

how to rock a center part (i've been trying!) (maybe not successfully?)

aaaaaand, huck's blog!


  1. I always leave your blog posts smiling :)
    {Although I always click on them smiling too because I'm excited to read a new one!}

  2. Rooftop honey is SO popular in Sydney...long live the bees!

  3. Lovely photos. Seriously, these make me want to be a hobo and live in the park.

    And shoot, I've been trying to the center part thing too. I'm pretty much ready to call it quits and go back to long side swept bangs again.

  4. your blog makes me want to move to New York. your photos are gorgeous too!

  5. such beautiful photos, natalie. i'm such a sucker for those little sailboats. thinking i might need to take a central park stroll one a these days. soon. (hope you get a morning walk in this weekend). xo.

  6. Someday I'm going to go to central park. Great pictures!

  7. Your posts always have me smiling. And you've definitely got me rocking some serious city envy right now!

  8. I adore Central Park! Looking forward to (finally) catching Shakespeare in the Park's Into the Woods tonight. Another great way to enjoy Central Park and kick off Labor Day weekend. Have a good one!

  9. Aaaww Ur son looks so happy in the last photo. He's smiling :))

  10. I really miss Central Park! Used to go there on my lunch breaks when I lived in nyc. Now I have to settle for Boston's Public Garden, which is pretty and all...but no CP! PS: I'm going to a wedding this w/e and bought some amazing and inexpensive jewlery to match my dress, at Forever 21! You totally inspired me to shop there! There's a huge location by my work, this might be dangerous. ;)

  11. Your photos look great...never been Central park but my other half fact iv never been anywhere in the USA...hoping to get over there next year!!

    Just popped to say Hi from the UKxx

  12. definitely want to commune with those trees! so beautiful! and i wouldn't mind some obnoxious jamming right about now. new york sounds like a dream and looks!
    xo TJ

  13. Are the people who make giant bubbles still in the park? They were my favorite.

    Hey, also, your photos are looking all kinds of dreamy. I'm really enjoying them!

  14. Natalie, when are you going to write a book? Your Babble posts always make me laugh and feel inspired, so I can only imagine the immense joy a book would bring. Epic joy.

    Along Abbey Road

  15. I want to go to New York RIGHT NOW! Unfair.

    Loving your post on Babble about F21, I have some leggings similar to the lamé ones, but most of the people I know call them 'disco pants' :)

  16. I love this post! One of these days... I'm going to make it to NYC and I'll have to look back on this post. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I wish I could spend my afternoon at the park! Lovely pics!

  18. that's it. i need to get myself to that park. it's only a 4000-ish mile trip! piece. of. cake. ;)

    1. er... closer to 2000, but still. lots of miles.

  19. great bag. blue is my new black!

  20. UMMM Red shirt MUST have. where from

  21. What jeans are you wearing? Those are cute!!

  22. Central Park looks so pretty right now! Happy Labor Day weekend to you too! (I love the new layout and the way you've changed the blog!)

  23. I have to admit, I laughed pretty hard because I totally thought "admire the views" was about your brandon's bum :)

  24. We finalllyyyyy got to visit NY for the first time last year and Central Park was amazing. 3$ stale pretzels, not so much.

  25. Thanks for sharing this! SInce I am visiting New York City this summer, I definitely think that Central Park is the place to go when I come visit. One of the things that I am doing while in the city is going on New York bus tours so that I have an opportunity to see a lot of the city for myself without having to walk around or get lost that much.


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